How to Pack for a Move

Jon Fesmire | Dec 04, 2019 @ 09:16 AM

There’s so much to think about when packing for a move that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Follow this guide to streamline the process.

Get Your Supplies

Before you start packing for your move, you’ll need some basic supplies. Let’s start with boxes. Avoid getting free boxes from grocery stores, as these may contain food residue that can attract pests. Instead, buy boxes at a storage facility that sells moving supplies. Make sure most of your boxes are the same size, as these stack best.

Other important supplies include bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape. You may also need blankets and furniture pads for moving heavy items and covering them in the truck.

For dishes, cups, some other items, consider getting specialized boxes. The closer to document box size, the better.

Some Packing Tips

If you’re packing over a period of a few weeks, first pack the things you need least, getting down to necessities on the last day. You can go room to room packing, or pack certain types of items in one room, then go on to the next.

Pack like items with like. So, books should go in boxes together, cups together, your shirts together, and so on.

Label every box by room and contents, that way you know where to put each box at your new home and you can unpack exactly the type of items you want, when you want.

Appliances, Etc.

In each room, certain items will need special attention. We have many articles with specific advice on packing home items, which will help. A refrigerator requires a special procedure, including defrosting, books are best packed a certain way, fragile dishes must be packed with care, and so on. Search our blog for specific tips.

On to Your Essentials

As mentioned, after you’ve packed nearly everything, on the day of your move or the night before, pack your boxes of essentials. These will go in your car, not in the moving truck, and include things you’ll need within hours of getting to your new home.

These boxes should contain shampoo, toothbrushes, toilet paper, a couple of towels, and other toiletries. Also pack food you can prepare easily, so you have something to eat when you arrive, before you do your grocery shopping.

Each person in your family should pack a personal bag for the trip. These could include books, tablets and smartphones, headphones, personal medications, and activities to do at rest stops.

Once everything is packed, the next step is to load the truck! You’ll need to hire movers or get a few friends to help you with this step, but everything is out of the house and the truck packed, you’re ready to move to your new place.