Harrisburg, PA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | Jun 24, 2016 @ 10:51 AM

Finding a Facility

“Wow, we have so much stuff now. We should put some of it in storage.”

“Okay. You know, I just saw a facility about a mile away. Let’s go there.”

That’s how people used to find self-storage facilities in Harrisburg. Well, that, and through the Yellow Pages. However, facility managers have discovered that those methods are all but obsolete.

In our new era of smartphones, where one can access the internet from anywhere, most people find their facilities through online searches. That’s good news for you. Self-storage companies know how important it is to be online, so it’s easy to find a great facility in Harrisburg from anywhere.

Crime and Security

In Harrisburg, it’s important to be aware of crime statistics when looking for a facility. Unfortunately, both violent and property crime are higher in Harrisburg than in most of the U.S. The Harrisburg map on the Neighborhood Scout website can help you determine where crime is higher.

Does that mean you should avoid facilities in riskier areas? Not necessarily, because another thing to look at is the security setup of a facility. This should include stone walls about eight feet high, gated access, a monitored camera system, good lighting, staff frequently walking the grounds, and more. A facility with great security in a slightly higher crime area may be much safer for you and your belongings than one in an area with a lower average crime rate that has lax security.

Ask any prospective facility what its security system is like. Oh, and always remember to pay your bill! In 2011, the Harrisburg police had been keeping key criminal evidence in a self-storage facility, and neglected to pay the bill. Subsequently, they were denied access to crucial evidence in ongoing investigations.

Events, Traffic, and Storage Access

Harrisburg has a variety of events happening throughout the year, including the huge Pennsylvania Farm Show, which brings in thousands of visitors, 3rd in the Burg, a monthly event sharing art at dozens of venues, and Civil War Days in Harrisburg Weekend, a city-wide event commemorating the city’s role in the War Between the States.

How does this relate to self-storage? Well, events, especially big festivals like the farm show, cause a lot of traffic. You may need to get to your self-storage unit, or to a doctor’s appointment, or to work, on the day of a festival. We encourage you to be aware of what’s happening around the city. That way, you can plan for traffic when big events are happening. Also, you may want to attend some those events! So, knowing what’s happening in Harrisburg can make your life run smoother and you’ll discover fun things to do.

Climate Control

Harrisburg has the four classic seasons. This means winter is freezing, spring and fall are mild, and summer is hot and often humid.

While your home no doubt has a heater and perhaps humidifier for the winter, and air conditioning and a dehumidifier for the summer, that doesn’t mean your self-storage unit does. Dry, freezing weather leeches the moisture from wood and paper, and canvas, making them more brittle. Summer’s humidity invites in mold and mildew, causing damage to books, art, and more. Musical instruments are especially sensitive to weather changes and your valuable violin, trumpet, or guitar could become forever damaged in the wrong weather conditions.

Because of this, it’s imperative that you get a unit with climate control. Fortunately, most Harrisburg units should have it, and the price difference is negligible.