6 Apps to Help You Move

Jon Fesmire | Nov 27, 2020 @ 06:00 AM

Let’s face it, when it comes to moving, we all can take as much help as we can get. That may be in the form of advice, assistance from other people, and even apps you can use to stay on task. As Apple told us several years ago, “there’s an app for that.” These days, there are usually several apps for whatever “that” may be. In the case of moving, we’ll share with you our favorite six apps that can make a big difference.

OfferUp and Letgo

We’ll start with a couple of apps that will help with one of the first things you should concentrate on: managing your stuff. That means decluttering or getting rid of things you no longer need. Moving with a bunch of stuff that no longer adds to your life in some way adds to your workload, the weight on your rental truck or in your car, and takes up extra space. You can also get cash for those things you don’t need, which will help with your move.

OfferUp and Letgo are two great apps that make it easy to sell stuff locally. Most of the time that will mean meeting the buyer in person, so we recommend a public area outdoors, and during COVID, wear your mask over your mouth and nose and ask that they do the same. If they would like the item shipped, you’ll need to work out payment and get their address, but that’s an acceptable way to proceed as well. Both apps are free, and it’s easy to create a post and to take photos of your items.


Once you grab one of the above apps to help you get rid of your gently-used items, it’s time to start planning the move. We’re talking about every step of the move, starting with decluttering, moving on to packing, getting a storage unit if you need it, hiring movers if you need them, and so on.

MoveAdvisor exists to help you organize your move, and it starts with a timeline. Let’s say moving day is in eight weeks. That’s a good amount of time to plan and execute your moving plan. Use this app to create a timeline and break up the hard work into manageable tasks.

How does it work? It comes with a helpful moving calendar that organizes your move when you input various data and the time frame. It also advises you on how to proceed based on whether you plan to move yourself, get help from friends, or hire a moving company. You can add your own notes and check off tasks as you complete them.

MoveAdvisor comes with a home inventory system to catalog all your belongings. You can add rooms and what they contain. This helps calculate the volume and weight of all your stuff, making it easier to know what size moving truck you’ll need.

If you do want to hire movers, the app will help you find a reputable moving company nearby, and it will even assist you in getting an accurate moving quote.


Sortly is advertised as inventory software for businesses, but it doubles as an inventory system for your move. At its base, it’s an organization and inventory app that encourages you to take photographs and important notes of everything in your home. Of course, this can take a lot of time, but when you need to find a particular thing at your new place, you’ll be able to locate it quickly in your Sortly records. Add important details like product information and serial numbers.

If you borrow items, such as books from the library or anything from friends or relatives, you can add reminders to the app so you won’t forget to return them. can also warn you when a warranty is about to expire. Plus, it provides you with a checklist system to spread out the tasks for your move.

Since Sortly is meant primarily for businesses, there is a premium version, but the free version should have everything you need for your move.


It’s best to use Unpakt when you definitely plan to hire a moving company. One of the main things it does is help you book reputable movers based on your specific moving plans, after all. It also allows you to plan and handle the details of your move online.

You’ll add your planned move date and move size to the app, based, in part, on the home inventory it helps you create. It also sends you reminders about tasks and the looming big day. Other features include a schedule for when the moving company will arrive, advice on if you’ll need storage, and more. As for your moving estimate, Unpakt will provide you with a handy line-item breakdown.


One of the most popular note-taking apps out there, which is accessible from anywhere and great for creating to-do lists, is Evernote. It integrates with Gmail, Outlook Mail, Google Drive, and more so you can share information with other applications and people. It allows for document scanning, so you can keep track of bills and invoices related to moving without having to hold on to a lot of paper, allows you to save webpages without ads, take copious notes, add photos, and much more.

Since it’s not specifically made for moving, but has a variety of applications, you’ll need to figure out your own system for how to use it for your move, and you may want to supplement it with one of the other apps we’ve mentioned. However, Evernote is popular for good reason. You can keep all the information you need to keep track of here, including tasks, inventory, and schedules, quite easily, and look up the information you need from anywhere.

We wish you the best of luck with your move. If you need a storage unit to help make your move easier, check our listings for the best facilities in your area.