Portable Storage for Students

The end of the academic year is often a stressful time for a college students. Not only do they have to deal with the pressures of final exams, departing from friends for the summer, bidding farewell to graduating seniors and organizing plans for their (hopefully productive) summer, but students also must figure out what they are going to do with all of the stuff in their rooms.

Figuring out summer storage can be a tedious and exhaustive task.  The concept of portable storage may be somewhat different than what mom and pop are used to, yet it can be a huge time saver for busy college students.  With portable storage, a company will actually haul a large preordered box to a requested location.  Upon delivery, the client may load items to be stored at his or her convenience.  After the items are stored, the company will bring a vehicle back to pick up the portable storage container and take it to their storage location.

However, some companies also allow clients to leave the portable storage containers at the location of their choice since they have locks and are durable enough to endure normal weather conditions.  Some companies offer indoor indoor portable storage where clients’ items are kept safe in climate-controlled environments while others store portable storage containers outdoors on their gated property.  Some feature portable storage units with special features likes extra security, two doors or climate controls that can be adjusted by the person who leases the units. In short, students have a wide array of options when it comes to portable self storage.

Portable storage can be a good solution for college students if they have furniture that is too big to take home and too valuable to give away. Additionally, a portable storage unit can be useful if it will be difficult to find reliable transportation for your things.

Below are more specific benefits of utilizing portable storage:

  1. Pack and organize at your own convenience
  2. Order portable storage units conveniently over phone or online
  3. Most companies offer online quotes prior to ordering
  4. No hassle of loading items onto a vehicle prior to loading them in storage
  5. Avoid the danger of driving with furniture tied by ropes
  6. Save time unloading at the beginning of the following semester

Of course, portable storage is significantly more expensive than traditional storage options.  Regardless, the extra time that the companies give you to store your items at your convenience can help students to completely separate the things they want to take home from the things they want to leave in storage.

When thinking about renting a portable storage unit or leasing a storage room for the summer, you may want to consider the following questions (especially if you are on a budget).

Need storage on a student budget? Consider these questions:

  1. Exactly how much storage space will I need?  Management at the storage facility may be able to give you an idea of how much space you will need.
  2. What are the dimensions of my large couch, tv, recliner, etc.?
  3. Are there people I know who would want to share a portable storage unit for the summer?
  4. How can I transport my gear for the lowest cost?
  5. Is the storage company two miles from campus a better bargain than the one two blocks away, or would a portable storage unit cost less?
  6. What happens if I pay late?
  7. Does any of my stuff need special care like protection from humidity?
  8. What kind of neighborhood is the storage facility I like located in?
  9. Will my college, sorority or fraternity house let me leave a portable storage unit on campus?
  10. Does my college already offer storage options for students?
  11. How much will it cost if I want the storage company to move my portable storage container to their storage facility?
  12. What security features does the storage facility offer?
  13. Does it seem like management at the self storage facility is friendly and helps with problems?
  14. Do I need insurance?
  15. Are any nearby storage facilities offering summer or student deals?

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