Storage and Getting Married

Self Storage Tips for Newlywed Married CouplesThe time before and after a couple's wedding can be one of the most exciting, joyous periods in life. In these days the bride and groom are the center of attention to each other and amongst family and friends. The decisions made during this time will change the direction of their lives and should be managed thoughtfully. The ceremony and surrounding events come with a lot of planning and preparation. The event must be organized, a location set, a reception hall decided, a wedding party chosen, invitations selected and sent, a bridal gown and tuxedo fitted along with wedding party attire, reception outfits and honeymoon gear. Just the thought of all that work can make a wedding planner breathless. Yet, these are only a few things that need to be done. As the couple gathers items for the big event, they may need somewhere to store them. A self storage unit, particularly one with climate control features that will keep wedding clothes cool and dry, could help the couple and their helpers stay organized as the event approaches.

Storage During the Planning Stage

  1. Planning a wedding can last for weeks or years in some cases. During this time the couple will accumulate wedding supplies. Some can be rented but others may be too personal. The wedding gown, the couple's champagne glasses, lingerie and shower gifts can stack up. A self storage unit may help to keep these items separate from everyday gear and, perhaps, lessen the risk that anything will roll under the bed and get lost. To aid in organization the couple may want to include shelving units, baskets and labels in the storage unit. In addition, they should leave room to walk between groups of items and may want to consider placing a cloth pad on the floor to help keep things clean and to prevent dropped items from shattering.
  2. A climate controlled self storage unit may be the best option. Wedding gowns store better in a cool, dry environment with little light exposure. Folding may not hurt the gown in the short-term, but in the long-term the cloth can become weaker along the creases making the wrinkles harder to remove. Consider purchasing an acid-free wardrobe box where you can hang the dress on a soft padded hanger covered by a dye-free cotton cover, not plastic as this can emit fumes that could harm the cloth over time. If you don't spring for climate control, consider placing a dehumidifier in the unit.
  3. As the day draws near, the couple may have extra reason for maintaining a storage unit, especially if they are doing a lot of the work themselves. If family and friends are setting up the seating and reception tables, instead of hiring professionals, they may need a place to store them.
  4. Couples who are planning, not only a wedding, but to merge their households may find that a self storage unit gives them a start on this process. They should go through their belongings and decide what to transfer to the new home, what to eliminate and what to store.

Storage After the Wedding

  1. Gifts and wedding garments may be placed in self storage while the couple spends a few days away. A good lock and security system at the facility may be especially important at this time. A parent of friend may need a key in order to take charge of these items right after the wedding.
  2. When the couple's individual belongings are too much for one new home, they may want to store some of the duplicate items such as couches and dinettes in a self storage unit until they need it. A newlywed apartment may one day be traded for a family home where these items could come in handy.
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