Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Moving to a new home is an exciting time. You have a new house, new neighborhood, making new friends and you have the opportunity to explore all that the new location has to offer. With the excitement of the move comes a good deal of stress for the people moving. One of the biggest hurdles facing people is organizing the home after the move. With the result of the move, once you unpack all of your possessions, you are left with a big dilemma – what to do with all of the boxes. Once you face the task of taking care of the empty boxes, there are several things you could do with them. You can reuse them to store some of the items that you may have in your home. You can also recycle them so that they can be reused again. And, you can also use some of the boxes for young children to use and explore their imaginations. To help people who are facing this moving problem, we have put together suggestions we have heard through the years. Please explore these websites and feel free to use them to overcome your box dilemmas.

Tips for recycling cardboard boxes

  1. Cardboard Recycling - Useful page which discusses how cardboard should be recycled.
  2. Cardboard Box Recycling – Article from the National Geographic website which discusses the importance of recycling cardboard boxes.
  3. Recycling 101 - Basic information covering a number of issues surrounding recycling.
  4. Recycling - Overview of the need to continue to recycle resources to preserve our natural resources.
  5. Why Recycle? – Information about why it is important and the benefits of recycling.
  6. Benefits of Recycling – Helpful overview of the benefits that the Earth derives from recycling.
  7. Recycling Benefits - Informative article which summarizes the benefits of recycling to the environment.
  8. Recycling Cardboard - Useful article which talks about how to recycle cardboard and cardboard boxes.
  9. How to Dispose of Cardboard – Article which provides information and ideas on how to dispose of cardboard.

Another option: reusing boxes

  1. Reuse Cardboard – Helpful page providing ten ways that people can reuse cardboard.
  2. Reusing Boxes – Article which discusses ways that people can reuse boxes in their everyday lives.
  3. Reusing or Recycling Boxes – Information on what you can do to reuse boxes around the home instead of recycling them.
  4. Reusing Moving Boxes - Ideas that are easy to use in finding ways to reuse moving boxes.
  5. Moving Boxes - Information on how to dispose of moving boxes properly.
  6. Moving Box Information – Helpful page with information on various types of moving boxes.

Having fun with cardboard - crafts and activities for kids

  1. Fun Cardboard Creations - Article from Parents Magazine which offers fun suggestions for projects for kids with boxes.
  2. Cardboard Crafts – Information on various crafts that parents can do with children with cardboard.
  3. Cardboard Box Activities – Informative article on some fun activities that can be done with cardboard boxes.
  4. Fun with Cardboard Boxes – Useful page with suggestion on projects that kids could do with boxes.
  5. Kids and Boxes - Fun post with information on how kids can safely use cardboard boxes.
  6. Cardboard Box Crafts – Web page which offers parents ideas on how to use boxes for use of children.
  7. Recycled Crafts – Fun ideas and resources on using recycled items for craft projects.
  8. Craft Projects – Series of ideas for projects that can be used simply by using glue.

Fun facts about recycling

  1. Recycling Facts – Web page with information about recycling.
  2. Fun Facts About Recycling – Article which provides some useful information and facts about recycling.
  3. Facts About Recycling – Listing of eleven fun facts that people can use about recycling.
  4. Facts and Trivia – Useful page which lists a number of interesting facts and trivia about recycling.
  5. Recycling Trivia Facts – Informative page which contains several useful trivia facts and other links about recycling.
  6. Fun Facts for Kids – Information and facts about recycling that kids will find useful and interesting.
  7. Recycling Facts for Kids - Web site which has facts and information about recycling aimed at kids.
  8. Fun Facts for Kids – Information on recycling and trash that kids and adults will find interesting.