What to Store in Your Self-Storage Unit This Summer

storelocal | June 30, 2016 @ 3:00 PM

With summer season on the horizon, the temperature is climbing up and up and we’re dreaming of days on our patio. If you, like us, save space in your home by using a storage unit, then it’s time to start thinking about what items to take out of your storage unit for the summer. Using a self-storage unit is a great way to free-up space in your house by storing items you won’t use during the colder or warmer seasons.

Sporting Goods

For the warmer months, bid goodbye to the unnecessary clutter of out-of- season sporting goods, like skis, snowboards, and hockey accessories. Some quick tips on storing ski equipment for the warm months: clean your board or skis before storing and be sure to check and sharpen the edges if needed. Summer is a great time to check your board for damages incurred during the season because board techs have more time to take care of you. In addition, waxing your skis and boards before storing will protect them from oxidation. For skis and snowboards, a cool, dry, place like a close storage unit is the ideal storage destination for the summer to prevent damage.

Winter Accessories

The same goes for winter accessories – save up valuable space in your garage or basement by moving all your shovels or snow tires into a self-storage unit. If you’ve stored your patio furniture (which is always a good idea - using a self-storage unit will protect your patio furniture better than tarps will!), it’s time to break them out! With climate controlled units, your outdoor furniture and decorations won’t be ruined by the ravages of the changing temperatures and will be set to use when the warmer weather rolls around. When it’s patio season, replace the furniture in your storage unit with any winter accessories, like shovels, holiday decorations, or extra bedding.


Be practical! As much as you may have a swoon-worthy collection of sweaters, if you live in the Southern US and don’t have any cold-weather vacations on the horizon, you may not need more than two.
If you don’t have any trips planned that may require a different rotation of clothes, but there’s a possibility of something being booked later on this summer, consider keeping an extra trunk of warmer clothes by the door of your self-storage unit. Even if the weather just isn’t hitting the high temperatures, you won’t have to rummage through the unit to access warmer clothes. A note on storing clothing, pillow cases or other fabrics: Take time to wash everything. Not only will this leave your clothes fresh and clean when you return for them, but freshly washed clothes will prevent moths from being drawn to your clothes.
There are great storage facilities throughout the country that offer the ideal amenities to suit your storage needs. A close storage facility to your home will allow easy access, and make moving items in and out of less of a trip. Just remember our tips when using storage units in Carson and you will enjoy all of the benefits of a great storage unit.
Happy storing!

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