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What to Store in Winter

Jon Fesmire | June 27, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Winter is knocking on our doors, and it’s the time of year when the holiday decorations come out, the heavy coats take center stage, and our living spaces undergo a transformation. Amidst all this, self-storage can be an absolute lifesaver. Not only does it help you de-clutter your space, but it’s a perfect solution for storing all the things that you won't need until the warm breeze starts blowing again. This advice doesn’t apply everywhere, but if your area gets four true seasons, and winters are snowy, this help will come in handy. Let’s dive into what to store in winter to make your life more spacious and organized.

Summer Sporting Gear

Got surfboards, baseball mitts, or camping gear lying around? You won’t need those in the snow. Stowing away your summer sports equipment in a self-storage unit can free up a ton of space in your garage or closet.

Gardening Tools and Patio Furniture

Gardening takes a hiatus in winter. It’s best to store your lawnmower, weed-whacker, garden hoses, and other gardening tools. While you’re at it, your patio furniture could use a warm spot away from the snow too.

Summer Clothing and Footwear

Your sundresses, shorts, and flip-flops can take a well-deserved break. Invest in some sturdy boxes, and store your summer wardrobe in a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid mildew and fabric damage.

Air Conditioners and Fans

The chilling breeze outside makes air conditioners and fans redundant in winter. Store them safely, ensuring that the ACs are properly cleaned and covered to avoid dust accumulation.

Pool Accessories

From pool cleaning equipment to those fun pool noodles and inflatables - storing them in a self-storage unit will protect them from the harsh winter elements and keep them in good shape for the next season.

Bicycles and Motorcycles

If you're not a fan of cycling through the snow, it's a good idea to store your bicycle in a storage unit. For motorcycle enthusiasts who don’t ride in winter, considering self-storage can also be a great option to protect your two-wheeler. In a snowy area, you will want to winterization your motorcycle, a good idea even if you use climate-controlled storage.

Refrigerators and Coolers

If you have additional refrigerators or coolers that you use mainly for chilled beverages during the summer, consider storing them to free up space.

Document Archive

Winter is an excellent time to declutter and organize your documents. Store the ones that are not immediately necessary in a climate-controlled unit to ensure their preservation.

Final Tips

  • Make sure to clean and dry all items before storage to prevent mold and rust.
  • Use sturdy boxes or containers and label them for easy retrieval.
  • Opt for a climate-controlled unit for items that are sensitive to cold temperatures.

With a little bit of planning, you can transition into winter seamlessly, with all your summer belongings safely tucked away until they're needed again. Self-storage is about convenience and making your life easier, so take advantage of it this winter.

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