What “Discountitis” Means for You, the Renter

Mia Iverson | July 6, 2011 @ 1:52 PM

According to Al Reis’ AdAge article on the “discountitis,” the apparent disease sweeping and infecting the marketing world, customers fall into one of two categories.
  1. The Believer
  2. The Agnostic
And I’m not talking about religion. In order for consumers, or let’s say potential renters, to buy into a product, they will either go for the best deal or go for a brand that they have used in the past on the idea of loyalty and familiarity. Given the above two examples, you are either a believer – cutting Sunday coupons for products you already and will continue to use – or you are an agnostic – cutting Sunday coupons based solely on the deals and discounts you’ll be receiving. When it comes to renting a self storage unit dear renter, what is more important to you: discount or brand positioning? Apple is annoyingly notorious for turning the other cheek when it comes to marketing and advertising their latest product. Instead they use leadership, ethos, and brand awareness to drive sales and traffic. This is where Apple and Google differ from other brands like JCPenney, as Reis points out. “Leadership is what makes Google the most powerful brand in the "search" category. Leadership is what makes iPod the most powerful brand in the "MP3 player" category. Leadership is what makes Heinz, Hertz, Haagen-Daz, Hellmann's, Home Depot and a host of other brands powerful in their categories.” So again, as a renter, what is more important? The best price out there or the impression your self storage facility gives off and how they are perceived by the community and society as a whole? Sound off below.

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