Torrance, CA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Lubabah Memon | March 20, 2016 @ 7:06 PM

Roses are Red…

The city of Torrance generally participates in the annual Tournament of Roses that takes place in Pasadena.  This event takes place on January first or second, depending on when New Year’s is.  To take part in the event, each participant must create a float that represents itself in a unique way.  Participation in this parade means a lot of organization and preparation, and it also means need for storage.  Although the parade takes place in Pasadena, the floats are built in the area that is being represented.  This means that towards the end of the year, participants need a place to store the equipment necessary to create the float, such as the infrastructure, roses, adhesives, strings, tools, and anything else that’s needed to make the process go smoothly.  They also need a place to store roses while they’re working, and the float itself once it’s done.  In order to keep the float intact and prevent damage, it should be kept in a climate controlled unit up until the event.

As you can see, storage facilities are quite busy in the winter because of this parade.  If you need a storage unit during the winter for your boat, RV, beach equipment, or anything else, book one fast so this rosy event doesn’t make it hard for you.  Don’t forget that you’ll be competing for spots with other residents, military personnel, and business owners as well.

Basketball and Obama

Although President Obama is a big basketball fan, that’s not what we are referring to here.  Torrance is a city that’s sandwiched between Los Angeles and Orange County, two of the most happening places in southern California.  The city itself is pretty mellow, but its neighbors don’t always let it sleep in peace.  Whenever the Lakers win the championship game and have a parade, or the President is in town visiting, roads are closed in Los Angeles.  This in turn backs up traffic all the way down to Orange County, making the residents of Torrance even more miserable.

To be fair, the president doesn’t come to visit that often and the Lakers don’t have a parade every day.  So why is there still so much traffic in Torrance on a daily basis?  And what does that have to do with storage?  Let us break it down for you.  People living in Orange County that commute to Los Angeles for work (and vice versa) travel through Torrance every day, making freeway traffic in the area pretty unbearable.  “Rush hour” has become a nonsensical term in the area because there are actually very few hours during the day in which traffic isn’t bad.  Our whole point in telling you all of this is to urge you to find a storage facility that allows for 24-hour access to your storage facility.  Being able to get to your belongings later in the night or early in the morning will make it easier for you to avoid traffic and you can cut an hour long trip into half.

Student Takeover

There are five major colleges and universities in Torrance: California State University Dominguez Hills, El Camino College-Compton Center, El Camino Community College District, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Southwest College.  In addition to the colleges just mentioned, the city is also situated between two major universities—University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, Irvine—that draw students from all around the world.  With a combined student population of more than 80,000 students, you’re bound to have a little trouble finding a storage unit to store your things in.  Student demand for units is particularly high during the summer when they are going home and leaving their stuff behind for fall semester.  If you’re looking for storage during the summer, scout out some places in advance so you’re not caught off guard by the wave of students coming in.

The Beach isn’t Always Good for You

As tempting as it is to store things right by the beach, it’s not the best way to preserve the quality of your items.  Torrance is a city that’s located on the beach, meaning the things in your storage unit are affected by the humidity and high salt content in the air.  Feel free to store things that you’ll actually be using at the beach, like boats, kayaks, surfboards, beach umbrellas, and anything else that you need.  However, if you’re storing things like antiques, paintings, family heirlooms, or objects that are made out of metal, you’ll want to store more inland.  If that’s the route you’re taking, be sure to rent a climate controlled unit because for every mile you go inland, the temperature changes one degree.  Delicate items will fair better if they’re not vulnerable to the changes in temperature.

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