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Denver, CO: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | March 9, 2016 @ 10:40 AM

Building Structure Determines Climate Control

Now, chances are as a self-storage tenant in Denver, you won’t need climate control. The average temperature in winter is a cold 37 degrees, and in summer it’s 70 degrees. Denver has a semi-arid, continental climate, meaning that humidity isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s one of the lowest humidity cities in the U.S.. However, temperatures can get below freezing, and for some items, such as musical instruments and medicine, can suffer damage when the weather gets too cold, so some renters do look for climate control.

If that describes you, chances are, you’ll want to look outside the city center. Downtown Denver facilities generally don’t have climate control because the older, brick buildings there simply won't accommodate it.

Snow Affects Access

With winter weather generally hovering right above freezing, but sometimes dipping below, snow is unpredictable. While this can delay drivers, it can make accessing storage even more difficult for those who have to walk through the snow to their lockers. There are more of these people than you think.

Some Denver facilities have quite small storage lockers, such as 4’x4’x4’ units where people store smaller items. It’s the people without transportation renting these, and who need to access their lockers daily, who often have the most difficulty getting to self-storage in the snow.

Sizes and Times

The unit sizes that get rented, and the length of leases, depends greatly on the season. In the spring and summer months, more people move to or from Denver. Due to this, they rent larger units as staging areas for a smoother move. Generally, this means 5’x15’ or 5’x20’ units. In the winter, when people are more settled and just need a little extra space, 5’x7’ units are more popular.

Also due to moving spring and summer leases tend to be shorter, often month-to-month. In winter, people will pay for three to six months in advance.

Buckley Air Force Base and Self-Storage

Just a little over 1% of Denver’s population is military, so this demographic is also small in the self-storage space. However, active military members can get a discount on their storage units, so if you are stationed at Buckley Air Force Base, ask various facilities what they offer to active military members and even veterans.

When a military member is deployed, Colorado lien law prevent self-storage facilities from auctioning off their lockers, even if rent is way past due. Of course, it’s wise to keep up on your rent whether in the country or not. Many active military members who get deployed have a family member take care of the monthly rent.

Elevator Issues

Self-storage facilities in the Downtown Denver area have multiple stories, often between six and eight, with freight elevator access. Occasionally, elevators shut down and facilities must call on maintenance to fix them. This can cause delays when people need to get to their lockers.

The Popular Area

Despite the inability of Downtown Denver locations to provide climate control, and occasional elevator problems, this is still a very popular area for residents to rent storage. That’s because Downtown Denver is in such a perfectly centralized place, about 25 miles from the planes to the east and 25 miles from the mountains to the west.

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