Boston, MA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Krista Diamond | March 9, 2016 @ 9:32 AM

You Can’t Get There From Here (But You Can Still Get to Your Storage Unit)

The street system of Boston evolved organically, when means, to put it politely, that it makes no sense. Thanks to the fact that Boston has been around since just about forever, the streets are also a part of living history. That’s great news when you’re looking to spend a sunny Saturday exploring the Freedom Trail. It’s not such great news when you’re trying to navigate a vehicle through narrow streets with uneven surfaces that often dead end in places where turning around seems impossible (that guy in the Red Sox hat who’s yelling at you should help motivate you). This is an important consideration if you’re searching for RV or boat storage in Boston as these vehicles face unique challenges due to low clearance tunnels with propane restrictions, lack of parking and the aforementioned headache inducing streets themselves. The solution? Opt for this specialized type of storage on the outskirts of the city and enjoy reduced traffic and easier access. If you’re storing a boat or RV, you probably want to be closer to nature anyway.

A College Town Means College Storage

Boston has a population of 655,884. With schools like Boston University, Boston College, Suffolk University, Emerson College, UMass Boston and a little place called Harvard, you can imagine how much those numbers swell and shrink according to the beginning and end of the school year. Consider the fact that we didn’t even come close to naming all of the 100 colleges in the Boston area, and it’s easy to understand the large impact that students have on storage in Boston. There are an estimated 152,000 college students in the city itself (that’s not counting the surrounding suburbs and any neighborhood that isn’t technically Boston). In Boston proper there are 11 storage facilities, but if you count the surrounding area, the options grow. This means that even if you’re not a college student, you could be facing stiff competition when it comes to locking down a storage unit in your chosen location. For example, in Cambridge, where Harvard is located, there are seven storage facilities. That’s roughly 3,850 units. Harvard enrolls 21,000 students. You don’t have to major in math to know that any smart Bostonian will reserve a storage unit early.

In The Walking City, Facilities that Rent Trucks are Your Friend

Boston is a pedestrian’s dream, but that doesn’t mean you should be expected to carry that couch from your storage unit all the way to your new apartment. Part of living in the city means finding your perfect neighborhood. During your time in Boston, you’ll probably bounce between a few until you find your perfect fit. If you’re transitioning from a roommate situation to your own place or shacking up with a significant other, you can plan on utilizing a storage unit. But what are you supposed to do if you don’t own a car and neither do any of your friends? Include truck rental availability in your search for a storage unit. Sure, you can hire an independent mover if you want (check out our Boston self storage resource list  for some great options), but isn’t life easier when the things you need are all in one place? Another option to consider if you’re carless in Boston is mobile self storage. Check out PODS if this sounds good to you. They’ve got three locations across Boston and they’ll drop off your portable storage unit whenever you want and let you take your sweet time loading it up. When you’re ready, they’ll move it for you. It sure beats strapping that mattress to your friend’s car and praying it makes it to your new place.

Keep Your Stuff Wicked Safe When it’s Wicked Cold

If you’ve never experienced below freezing temperatures, icy sidewalks and snow banks taller than your car, you’re in for a treat (and by treat, we mean at least five months of hibernation and enough Sam Adams to get you through it). When planning your life around the harsh Boston winter, don’t forget about your storage facility. If you’re not planning on investing in snow tires for your car or you just want to minimize going outside in general, plan on making a big trip to your storage unit before the flakes start falling that way you can make the swap between summer items and winter items before it’s too late. Besides frosty winters, Boston also has hot, humid summers, so we suggest organizing and labeling items accordingly.

If You Work in Tech, Consider Climate Control

We know, we know. Almost every city considers itself the next Silicon Valley. But Boston really might be. The city’s job market is booming and a large part of that is the emerging tech industry. If you’re in tech or you’re a Boston university student with a dorm full of electronics, you might benefit from climate controlled storage. This is crucial for commercial storage renters who work in tech and might be storing items which can be negatively impacted by drastic temperatures (aka Boston winters) and humidity (aka Boston summers). If you’re not storing electronics, antique furniture, a musical instrument or delicate clothing, you probably don’t need climate controlled storage. But if it’s within your budget, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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