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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit During Valentine’s Day

Kendra Bozarth | February 6, 2013 @ 3:04 PM

Valentine’s Day is a very exclusive holiday. You’re either in a relationship and you eagerly await (or detest) its arrival, or you’re single and you pretend you couldn’t care less. Either way, a self storage unit is a unique opportunity to facilitate both individuals and couples in celebrating the holiday as they see best fit. 1)    Storage units are more practical (and less fattening) than most gifts Why buy your girlfriend a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers when you could rent her a storage unit? Chocolate can be consumed in a matter of seconds and, well, flowers die, but storage units are forever. They have practical use and offer convenient rental options for short or long-term use. Plus, you won’t hear your girlfriend complaining about how her jeans don’t fit after you give her a storage unit. 2)    If you’re single, you can isolate yourself from your roommate and her annoying boyfriend Does the sound of kissing make you cringe? Sometimes, hiding in your bedroom isn’t enough. Avoid potential couple run-ins and make-out sessions by quarantining yourself in a storage unit. Most of your fellow renters only stop by once a month to pay the bill (so, there’s no romance to evade), and once you make it to your private space you can unwind and drink a bottle of wine all to yourself. 3)    Store the gifts from all of your admirers in one place Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you can store almost anything in them. Rent a mini storage locker to stow your collection of love letters, or lease a garage-sized storage space for that gigantic teddy bear. Also, most public storage facilities are equipped with 24 hour video surveillance, so vocalize your new storage unit location and see if you can catch your secret admirer in the act. 4)    Watch a romantic movie and cry in peace Whether it’s Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally or The Notebook, if you watch a romantic film on Valentine’s Day (or on any day if you’re me), chances are you’re going to cry. Why not sob in the privacy of your own storage unit? Many locations offer storage units with power, so rent one and hook up your TV, DVD player and a cozy lamp. Snuggle up with yourself and let the tears flow. I guarantee you’ll feel better when it’s all done. 5)    If you’re in a fresh relationship, avoid the pressures of the Hallmark-holiday and hide out in a storage unit So, you’ve only been dating your significant other for a week or two, and it’s a little soon to put yourself in a situation where you might be forced to say that four-letter word. Start the relationship off right with a small lie, and tell your partner that you have to work. Then, create some relationship space by camping out in a storage unit for the night until Cupid clocks out. Many facilities offer climate control, so rent a storage unit with heat and keep warm while convincing yourself that your fib had good intentions. Express your love this Valentine’s Day by renting a storage unit. No matter what your associations with the holiday may be, a storage unit is an affordable and useful way to participate. Rest assured that however romantic or crappy your Valentine’s Day is, there’s never a bad time for some extra space.

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