They’re Just Like Us!

Mia Iverson | October 27, 2010 @ 10:13 AM

Sandra Bullock, last year’s Best Actress Oscar winner, was spotted comfortably out and about in Austin, Texas. After stopping by a local Starbucks, she headed on over to her storage unit with a posse of assistants. Remember that startling statistic I mentioned earlier this year? There are seven times more storage facilities than Starbucks in America. Seems like Ms. Bullock read our article and decided to hit up both establishments. Read the full article on Ms. Bullock’s afternoon outing here. Need a storage facility? Want to live like the stars? Then let StorageFront be the answer to all your self storage needs. Hey, you might wind up with a unit right next to Ms. Bullock's, and if you’re lucky, she may lend you one of her assistants to help.

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