The 7 Stages of Self Storage

Sara Heins | August 19, 2013 @ 2:42 PM

Self storage: from coming to terms with the fact that you've crammed too much stuff in your apartment to loading up the moving van, there's several steps in-between to which we all can relate.

1. Denying

Your living quarters are just fine the way they are. You don't need storage, no matter how much your SO tells you.

2. Accepting

Six stages of grief and an eviction notice later, you arrive at acceptance, realizing you need storage.

3. Packing

You figure you'll need about an hour to pack up your belongings.

But six hours later you're all like:

4. Searching

You stare at the phone book aimlessly, trying to find the right storage facility near you.

You finally decide to use Google like a person of the 21st century, and stumble upon All is well.

5. Calculating

You sit in front of your computer, trying to add up the dimensions of all of your belongings to find the right size unit.

Then you see it, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, staring you in the face the whole time - the Self Storage Calculator, which does all that work for you.

6. Moving

You try it yourself at first…

Then you decide you should probably look up some helpful moving tips before your second attempt.

You're feeling alive and full of knowledge, and then you successfully move your couch down the stairs and into your moving truck.

7. Celebrating

You successfully unload everything into your storage unit. Time to celebrate!

Congratulations on transforming your living space into something spectacular.

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