Superman Saves the Day… Literally!

Mia Iverson | August 4, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

Action Comics No. 1 Many homeowners are forced out of their homes in this uncertain economy because of foreclosures or other money issues. They pack up their things, move them into storage facilities, and take their next steps onto the path of financial recovery. But for one southern family, a different kind of help came their way: Superman. While shifting through boxes in their home basement, a home that has been with the family since the 1950s, the anonymous family stumbled upon a rare comic book. Only looking for more moving boxes, they found an Action Comic No. 1. Why is this so significant? In this June 1938 issue, the world was introduced to Superman. The banks have allowed the family to stay in their home until the auction of the rare comic book, valued at $250,000, is complete. Read the full news story here. Want to learn more about storing those precious comic books? Read CJ’s blog “Packing Paper” and check out our Storage Tips section on sensitive document storage.

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