StoreLocal Welcomes Lindsey Self Storage Group

Jon Fesmire | February 19, 2016 @ 4:57 PM

We at StorageFront are proud to announce that our parent company, StoreLocal, has just welcomed aboard a new founding member, Lindsey Self Storage Group.

Brothers John and Alan Lindsey, still in their twenties, co-founded Lindsey Self Storage Group in 2012 and have the vision needed to move the company forward to greater success. Headquartered in Durham, NC, the company runs eight facilities in North and South Carolina.

StoreLocal, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a cooperative of self-storage companies working together to meet storage industry challenges of the 21st century. Together, they share the purchasing power of a single, massive corporation when acquiring services and products, making it easier for each small member company to compete against national chains. The addition of Lindsey Self Storage Group brings the number of facilities within the co-op to more than 700.

The Lindsey Self Storage Group sailed through StoreLocal’s rigorous approval system for founders to win a warm welcome from our Board of Directors. The StoreLocal bylaws caps the number of founder members to 30. Lindsey Self Storage Group joined the co-op as its 19th funding member.

StoreLocal CEO Lance Watkins speaks highly of Lindsey Storage Group. “The Lindseys were a great find, because they’re the voice of the future of self-storage. They’re young, energetic, entrepreneurial and on the east coast, so we’re really excited to have them join our group. Their involvement in the Young Leaders’ Group, which we see as the future of the political arena of the SSA, was also an important factor in our decision to bring them on.”

“The group of leaders that are associated with Storelocal, you look at them and they’re some really big names in the industry. people who have really made a difference not only at the national association level, but as far as introducing new practices and standards to the industry at large,” said John Lindsey, President of Lindsey Storage Group. “And when you get a group of powerful people like that together they’re only bound to do good things. I also recognize as a small operator the issues we’re facing as these 800 lb. gorilla REITS get bigger and badder. It’s tough for us to combat them as far as prices and cost of marketing and advertising is concerned. The co-op provides an outlet for small to medium size operators like myself to step into the same arena and really continue to hold our own as we grow throughout the years.”

“I plan on being in the business for the rest of my life,” John said on the future of Lindsey Storage Group and its membership in StoreLocal. “Hopefully that’s 60, 70 years, but I see this as a really, really good jumping point. This is a group that is going to continue to grow and blossom throughout the years and even if we take on different platforms or shift directions a little bit, we’ve got the right people on the bus and that can combat any change we see come our way.”

If you’d like to learn more about StoreLocal to consider joining the cooperative, or simply to understand its business model, visit the Storelocal website, or call Natalie Bragg, Director of Public Relations, at 949-629-4142.

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