Self Storage vs. Starbucks

Mia Iverson | June 8, 2010 @ 1:52 PM

In the article “The Self-Storage Self” in the New York Times Magazine, contributing writer Jon Mooallem reported, “...There are upward of 51,000 storage facilities across this country — more than seven times the number of Starbucks. Storage is part of our national infrastructure now”. A pretty startling statistic I might say. The top five states housing the Starbucks chain:
  1. California (2,010)
  2. Texas (604)
  3. Washington (559)
  4. Illinois (412)
  5. New York (384)
The top five states listed on StorageFront:
  1. Texas (4,314)
  2. California (3,909)
  3. Florida (2,238)
  4. North Carolina (1,403)
  5. Ohio (1,333)

So the next time you see the umpteenth Starbucks on the side of the road, know that self storage is more in the American way than the smiling caffeine pushers known as baristas.Starbucks vs. Self Storage

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