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Provo, UT: Top Things to Know About Storage

Lubabah Memon | June 10, 2016 @ 4:53 PM

Easy Access

Unlike other cities of its size, the traffic in Provo isn’t too bad, even during rush hour.  Rush hour is short and typically only delays you ten to fifteen minutes, so you won’t be stuck for too long even when traffic is at its peak.  In fact, residents of Provo boast that they have one of the shortest and nicest commutes in the U.S.  There is a small caveat though:  I-15 is known for gridlock traffic at peak rush hour times.  So overall, you don’t really have to plan around different routes when you’re looking for a storage unit.  However, we would definitely recommend that you avoid using storage facilities that require you to take I-15 so you can dodge traffic altogether.  You should also consider storing at a facility that allows for 24-hour access.  This way you can avoid traffic, and have access to your stuff at odd hours.

Four Seasons

Provo is known for its four distinct seasons:  cold and snowy winters, hot and dry summers, and rainy springs and falls.  In the winter, it snows a lot, but it doesn't get as cold as you would think because the Rocky Mountains block the polar winds.  However, there are usually some harsh storms that last from October to May.  Then comes spring, which is relatively calm, but it holds most of the year’s rain.  In the summer, it’s very common for temperatures to go over 100 degrees, but the humidity is extremely low so luckily it doesn’t feel too hot.

The weather is actually very important when you are considering a storage facility.  First of all, you should look for a facility that has a heated loading/unloading zone.  Provo gets really cold, so you don’t want to freeze every time you’re packing or unpacking your unit.  Next, try to find a facility that has covered loading/unloading zones because of the amount of rainfall you’ll have to deal with in the spring.  Lastly, opt for climate controlled units.  Although the city isn’t humid, even dry heat can damage items like your furniture or antiques.

Let it Snow

The residents of Provo really enjoy the winters and get involved with a lot of activities.  People from all over the place flock to Utah during the winter to hit the slopes with their skis and snowboards.  As a resident, and as a visitor, you might want to consider storing your equipment in a storage facility next to your favorite ski resort.  It’s not hard to do and it’ll make your annual ski trips hassle free.

Storing your skis and snowboards can be a little tricky.  You have to do some prep and take some precautions before storing them.  Start with washing down your skis with water so you can get off any dirt, salt, and other residue, and dry them with a towel.  Try not to get water into the bindings.  For anything that won’t come off with water, use a citrus solvent instead.  Don’t use degreasers or detergent because they can affect the binding lubricant.  Next, sharpen the edges to reduce the chance of rust.  Hot wax the bases to protect them from oxidation, and add a good amount of wax so the layer of wax covers the edges and keeps the rust away.  Be sure to take care of all other maintenance before storing so you don’t have to deal with it when you take them out during the winter.  If you have everything taken care of ahead of time, you can just grab your skis and hit the slopes!

When you have prepped the boards for storage, make sure you don’t hang them because it will put pressure on random parts of the board.  Also, back off the tension of the ski binding springs so they don’t stay compressed all summer.  When you take your boards out for the winter, scrape off the wax before you take off.

Winter Basics

Once winter is over, you’ll want to empty out your closet to make room for your summer wardrobe.  Put all of your winter gear in storage so that you don’t have to deal with moving boxes around in your closet every time you want to get to your stuff.

Start by wrapping up your winter clothing.  Wash everything that you’re planning to store because the longer dirt and residue remain on fabric, the harder it is to clean it.  Put your wool coats in sealed garment bags to keep out moths.  Also, fold your sweaters instead of hanging them so they don’t get stretched out, and put them in airtight boxes or trunks.  Don’t add mothballs to any of your boxes because they’re actually harmful to your health.  Do the same with your comforters:  clean them before putting them into breathable cotton bags so no dust gets on them.

As for your boots, polish them and apply waterproofing spray before putting them into storage.

Don’t put anything in plastic bags because they trap moisture and can cause mildew.  If you follow these quick and easy steps, you’ll be able to get your winter gear out of the way and have it ready and waiting for you for the next season.

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