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Lubabah Memon | March 24, 2016 @ 12:19 PM

Being in the military means signing up for a lifetime of moving from one place to another.  Troops and their families are relocated on a regular basis, making it difficult to carry around a house full of stuff with every move.  Our recommendation is that you utilize self storage.  Each one of your moves will become a lot simpler if you don’t have to pay for movers and moving trucks to carry your furniture across the nation.  Leave your items in one of Pittsburgh’s 44 storage facilities, pack what you need, and hit the road.

Military Bases in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania has six military bases, two of which are close to Pittsburgh. Letterkenny Army Depot Army Base is in nearby Chambersburg.  The base spans over 17,500 acres and was first created to be an ammunition depot.  Today it’s the Army’s Capabilities Depot.  The base is home to more than 2,800 army civilians, military personnel, and contractors.  Its mission is to provide health care and safety to the troops, its employees, and its contractors and visitors.

As you can see, there is plenty of need for storage for the people on this base.  Not only do the people living there need storage space, but the base itself needs storage for the multiple services it provides.  The people running the base need a place to store things used to provide healthcare to inhabitants, meaning they need climate controlled units to keep things like medicine safe.  And of course, housing provided to troops is not big enough to accommodate all of the things that troops and their families bring along.  If you live on this base, consider storing your things at Air Hill Storage or Rt. 11 Pro Storage, both of which have good amenities and are less than two miles away from the base.

NSA Mechanicsburg Navy Base is also a nearby base that supports local units and tenants, and is always at the disposal of the U.S. Navy and missions assigned by the Department of Defense.  This base is home to 5,000 inhabitants, which means thousands of people that could use a nearby storage facility.  One great facility is Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, which is 2.7 miles away from the base.  They offer 24-hour access to your unit, video surveillance, and a fenced and lighted property.  You can also look into Mechanicsburg Self Storage, which is 2.6 miles away and offers similar amenities.

Security Concerns

If you’re putting your things somewhere you can’t see them every day, you’re bound to be concerned about their safety.  When looking to rent a unit at a storage facility, be sure to take into account the security measures they take to prevent theft.  You should look for things like security guards, electronically gated facility grounds, 24-hour video surveillance, units with individual alarms on them, and good lighting.  Don’t take these things lightly because they will definitely help in deterring burglars.  Plus, with Pittsburgh having annual property crimes of 10,235, you don’t want to take any risks.

The Military Needs Flexibility Too

When you have a hard day of training ahead of you, you don’t want to have to be worried about finding a way to get to your storage unit before the facility closes.  Chances are you won’t get off until later in the night, or will have to grab something from your unit early in the morning before starting work.  It’s better to have a unit in a facility that allows for 24-hour access.  This way you won’t be planning your day around a trip that should only take you about 20 minutes, especially given how close you can find a storage facility to your base.

You can also sign up for a month-to-month lease.  When you are moved to a new location or are deployed, you usually don’t know how long you will be there so you don’t want to be bound by a year-long lease.  If you’re deployed, it’s even more uncertain how long you will be gone and whether or not you will be able to make your payments on time.  For times like these, use your online bill pay to ensure that you don’t miss a payment.  If you’re too busy defending the country to pay your storage bill, managers will understand and will not auction off the contents of your unit.  In fact, the government prohibits them to do so, so they’ve got your back.

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