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Organized Living Leads to Happier, Longer Life

Mia Iverson | April 5, 2011 @ 3:54 PM

ExtraSpace Storage recently published a rather unique coincidence between happy city living and the number of self storage facilities in the area. Apparently, it can be said that the top 20 worst cities, according to Forbes Magazine, has a direct correlation to the number of storage units – usually, lower than the national average. “The top ten miserable places actually fall well below the national average with 5.82 square feet of self storage per person! The truth of the matter is that if you want to find out what cities are the best you just need to look for the number of self storage facilities (more the merrier). The ninth best place to live in the country has 13.25 square feet per person (Lincoln, Nebraska), close to double the national average! “ Tony Gonzalez wrote. What do you think can explain this unlikely statistic? Could it be that the less cluttered life is a happier and longer life? Actually, yes. While perusing a favorite blog of mine, Apartment Therapy, I read an article on the positive psychological and physical effects of organized living. Based on an article from the University of California, Riverside Newsroom,  Professor Howard S. Friedman and graduate student Margaret L. Kern found that from numerous studies and 8,900 participants, that the average life span of an organized person exceeds that of two to four years to that of an unorganized one. Friedman says, “Not only do conscientious individuals have better health habits and less risk-taking, but they also travel life pathways toward healthier psychosocial environments – such as more stable jobs and marriages – and may even have a biological predisposition toward good health.” Many factors were analyzed during these studies like personality, likelihood of risk taking, and the decision to indulge in excess smoking or drinking. After all, if you think about it, this really isn’t anything new. Aren’t you more at ease when you are in a more organized space and you know where you last left your keys? Stress strains the heart, which shortens your life span. Don’t get caught in an unorganized trap. So from the number of self storage facility space per city, to the underlying effects of happy organized living, the answer is clear: self storage for your stress inducing excess is the way to go.

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