Organize Your Rooms Using These Apps

Jon Fesmire | January 9, 2022 @ 7:27 AM

Whether you plan to add a room to your home or pick out some furniture for your bedroom, it helps to visualize your plans before you implement them. Room and home planning apps are great for that. Here are a variety of room design apps that you may like.


Amikasa is a powerful room design app with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. Choose your room shape, input the dimensions and any changes to the initial shape, furnish your room with your choice of colors, and render images. You can even create a walkthrough to give you the feeling of moving through the space, and you can share your designs with friends and on social media.

Currently, there’s an iOS version in the App Store that costs $0.99. There’s also a free Windows version. The developers frequently add new content.


Have you heard of Autodesk? They make professional 3D software used in many industries, including film, gaming, and manufacturing. They also designed Homestyler, and in 2017 sold it to Easyhome. Knowing the initial developer though should tell you a lot about the quality of this app.

Homestyler makes it easy to create floor plans and furnish them with everything from brand-name appliances and decor. Save, print, and share your creations. Since you’ll know the exact products you’ve put in your virtual home, you’ll be able to order them, too.

This program is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Ikea Home Planner Tools

Ikea specializes in low-priced, but attractive furniture. Who doesn’t enjoy a day at Ikea topped off with a bite to eat in their cafeteria after purchasing some bookcases or desks?

If you love Ikea, then consider trying IKEA Home Planner. Of course, this online app is for Ikea products only, so if you want to try other brand names, then look to other apps on this list.

The free app allows you to see everything Ikea sells and how it would look in your home. Then, you can calculate how much the pieces would cost and print out a shopping list. Ikea Home Planner has tools for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and storage.


The “magic” in MagicPlan will become obvious when you watch their introductory video. You can create accurate floor plans of actual places easily. Through its guided process, you’ll take pictures of a room, or even all rooms in a building, and it will create the plan for you, calculating the sizes of walls and so on. Because of this, it’s easy to create a floor plan quickly.

While MagicPlan is great for creating room plans, it’s not for showing what furniture and so on would look like in the setting. If you plan to upgrade your home or office, or just need a convenient map, this may be the solution for you.

MagicPlan is available for iOS and Android and a subscription costs $9.99 a month.

Planner 5D

We really like Planner 5D because it’s free, you can create highly detailed maps of interiors, outside landscapes, and swimming pools, you can browse their gallery for items and inspiration, and you can capture realistic images of what the final room will look like.

How realistic are the pictures? The software adds lighting and shadows, and the HD results are photorealistic, or close to it. If you need tips or help, look to the large Planner 5D community.

This app is available for iOS and Android.


Roomstyler can help you remodel and decorate your home. To use it, you’ll upload your own floor plan, inserting doors, walls, and windows. You can then browse the gallery for the furnishings you want to include, including furniture, appliances, and decorations.

Then, you can view the overhead map and 3D images. Move the camera around and zoom in to your content. Roomstyler has over 120,000 brand-name products, so it can be overwhelming, but also fun. You can even find purchase options for each item in the app.

Currently, Roomstyler is for iOS only.

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