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Oakland, CA RV and Boat Storage

Lubabah Memon | March 21, 2016 @ 3:56 PM

People lucky enough to live in Oakland have the luxury of using their boat or RV almost year round.  It may seem like it’s a lot faster to leave for a boat ride or RV vacation if your vehicles are on your driveway, but you might be surprised at how much more convenient it is to put your vehicles in a storage unit.  Your vehicles will be safe, clean, and will still remain easily accessible despite them being away from home.  If the thought of this makes you somewhat anxious, keep reading and we will address your concerns.


When you keep your boat or your RV out on your front yard, it’s bound to get dirty.  You’re probably thinking that it’s nothing a quick wash can’t take care of, which is true in some ways, but there are other things to consider as well.  Oakland is a city that is right next to the Pacific Ocean, meaning that your RV can be susceptible to rust due to high salt content of the ocean air.  The first thing that comes to mind is that this can also happen to your car, which it can, but your car is being used daily, whereas your RV is sitting on your driveway collecting salt, so to speak.  The value of your RV is depreciating before your eyes and you don’t even know it!  A great way to avoid something like this is to put your RV into storage.  You can easily find a storage facility near you that specializes in RV and boat storage, and they can help you with all of your storage needs.


Oakland has a very high crime rate; its annual property crime is 24,944.  If your beautiful boat or RV is out in your front yard, chances are it will become a target of a crime at some point.  Your RV will definitely be much safer in a storage unit, not just because it will be indoors, but because of the strict security measures that storage facilities take to protect your belongings.  Some security measures that are becoming common practice in the storage industry are:  24-hour video surveillance, on site managers, gated grounds, and well lit facilities.  You can also find facilities that have alarms on individual units, but that’s a fairly new thing so be sure to ask about it if you’re interested.

Putting your vehicle in storage will also protect it from the weather and possible accidents.  You don’t want the neighborhood kids to break a window while they’re playing football on the street where your RV is parked.  Replacing that window will definitely be more expensive than paying for a month of storage.

Traffic and other Storage Concerns

Anyone who lives in Oakland, or any part of California for that matter, knows how terrible traffic is.  Everyone’s lives would be so much easier if there were fewer cars on the road, especially huge RVs that move slower and take up more space than the average car.  We would recommend storing your vehicles closer to where you’ll be using them.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park is a beautiful RV park located just 20 minutes away from downtown Oakland.  It is 3,314 acres, has 70 miles of hiking and riding trails, and is open year round.  It’s also one of the rare parks that has a marksmanship range, which is just a fancy way of saying shooting and archery range.  If this is a park that you go to often, you probably end up taking bikes, guns, and your bow and arrow every time you head up there.  Even if you can rent those things at the park, it’s nice to have your own without having to bring them across town with you every time.  To simplify your getaways, you can store your vehicles and other RV camp oriented things at StoragePRO Self Storage.  This storage facility is very close to the park, it’s conveniently located so you can avoid traffic (you can easily get to it by getting on the I-238 or I-880), and they specialize in vehicle storage.

When storing things like guns, be careful to find a unit that is climate controlled so Oakland’s heat and proximity to the ocean don’t affect them.  Also consider finding a facility that allows for 24-hour access to your unit so you can come and go as you please.

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