Little Rock, AR: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | June 24, 2016 @ 10:36 AM

Return to School

Self-storage facilities in Little Rock in general have prices so low you’ll wonder how the the companies can afford it. One can rent a 5’x5’ unit for as little as $25 per month, a 5’x10’ for $39, or a 10’x10’ for $79. While it’s always a good idea to look for a unit as soon as you think you’ll need one, and not put it off until the last minute, in general they should be easy to find. The exception is when college students are returning to school in late summer and early fall. Little Rock has about 18,200 university students, or about nine percent of Little Rock’s 200,000 person population. Even if only ten percent need new storage units in the fall, that can still cause delays.

The Local Weather

It seems to be that anywhere inland, at least in the United States, no matter what the rest of the year is like, will probably have warm, humid summers. This is certainly the case in Little Rock, where summer temperatures are usually in the 70 degree range, but where they sometimes get over 100. Little Rock’s hot and humid summer weather can cause tremendous damage to your personal possessions. Paper files, books, clothing, and even works of art can grow mold, for instance. Whatever you do, get a unit with climate control and keep your important belongings in good shape.

Military Presence

Members of the Air Force and their families make up a small but significant portion of Little Rock’s population (about six percent) with 5,800 active duty members and 5,600 family members, plus an additional 550 civilians that work on Little Rock Air Force Base. If you are a member of the military in Little Rock, keep in mind that you can usually save at least five percent on your self-storage bill by asking for a military discount. Just remember to show your military ID.


For the 200,000 residents of Little Rock, there are plenty of events to enjoy all year round. These include The Little Rock Marathon, Riverfest, The Little Rock Film Festival, and of course, The Arkansas State Fair, which brings in more people than live in Little Rock itself, around 400,000! While it won’t actually affect your self-storage experience, it’s fun to think about all the events that may keep their booths, floats, and more within the walls of your self-storage facility. What will affect you, though, is event traffic. You may want to go to your self-storage locker one day only to discover that because of one festival or another, the roads are packed. Don’t let this happen. Keep abreast of the annual events and one-time events coming up and plan ahead.

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