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If Lady Gaga Had a Storage Unit

Lisa Finholm | June 23, 2010 @ 12:47 PM

If Lady Gaga had a storage unit, what would she store? Feathered hats? Full face masks? Grammy’s? Peacock-looking dresses? Dresses with transparent cloth? Maybe a past lover? Alejandro, are you there? Just don’t call her name when she comes to change her storage lock, Alejandro. What about the paparazzi? Would Lady Gaga lock up the camera flash-loving, borderline stalkers? Perhaps she has a bunch of coffins full of monsters like in her “Bad Romance” music video, which currently has 231,975,005 hits on YouTube (for the record: storing bodies in coffins is illegal). Self storage and Lady Gaga could write a bad romance. Maybe she’d have a boom box playing “Ga-ga, Ga-ga” on repeat, synced with the opening of the door to her storage unit. Maybe she would have just a storage unit full of glass, for the manufacturing of her next pair of mirrored sunglasses. We can speculate what all Lady Gaga would keep safe and secure in a storage unit for just about as long as it takes for Lady Gaga to change into another eye-popping, outrageous wardrobe choice, and yet, we’d still be surprised in the end. Just as Lady Gaga sings to the “Paparazzi,” “It’s so magical, we’d be so fantastical.” Whatever you choose to store in your self storage unit, make sure you don’t try and one-up Lady Gaga. The above post is intended for humor purposes only and is satirical.

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