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Huntington Beach, CA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | June 10, 2016 @ 4:42 PM

Life, Income, and the Cost of Living

Huntington Beach, “Surf City USA.” Whatever you call it, this is a city where life is all about the beach, be it surfing, playing volleyball with your friends in the sand, or just going for an evening stroll. There are 27 self-storage facilities in Huntington Beach, with 14,850 individual units. Since about 198,000 people live there, that comes to about 1 unit per every 13 people. That could be better, considering that many cities have a ratio of between 1 in 6 and 1 in 10. Of course, not everyone rents a self-storage unit, and many tenants share their units with a friend or family. So, with a little looking, it’s not tough to find a unit to fit your storage needs. Beach living, great schools, and all the other lovely things about living in Huntington Beach come at a price, and the cost of living is high. However, the local economy is healthy. The median household income is about $81,000 and the unemployment rate is a low 4.1%.. So, real estate rental prices are higher than most places, as are prices for self-storage units. A 5’x5’ unit rents for between about $45 and $70 per month, and 10’x10’ units rent for about $130 to $200. Before you rent, compare prices, and find the facility that suits you best. You may also want to consider checking the prices in nearby cities, like Fountain Valley and Costa Mesa, although the prices are similar in those affluent communities. Still, you never know where you’ll find a bargain.

That Coastal Weather

Huntington Beach marks the standard by which all other beach towns should be compared. The weather is warm to hot most of the year, but you can always take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! (Keep that at home, not in self-storage.) During the day, the humidity is at a comfortable low. However, while you won’t need climate control in most of Orange County, the coastal areas can be a bit different. In Huntington Beach, the evening fog makes the air damp, so there’s a period of humidity most evenings. Because of that, you might want to look for a unit with climate control. Ask facilities what they recommend.


Surf City is a great place to go boating or even kayaking, and you can rent a boat for the day, or take your own. Make sure to read our related article on RV and boat storage in Huntington Beach for the best tips on storing your boat and getting the most use out of it.

Security and Crime

Along with the high cost of living comes a low crime rate. Property crime is about 20% lower than the per capita average in the U.S., and violent crime is less than half the national average. Still, you should probably lock your home and car.  You should also find a self-storage facility with great security. This includes good lighting, a monitored camera system, an alarm system, a security guard or two keeping an eye on the premises at night, and, of course, gated access. When comparing facilities, this is an important consideration.

Big Events

There are plenty of annual events to keep you engaged with the community. These include the city’s annual Kite Party, the SoCal Film Festival, the U.S. Open of Surfing, and the city’s huge Independence Day parade on the Fourth of July. Such events mean fun, but they also mean traffic. If you need to get something important from storage and there happens to be a festival going on, it may take you much longer than you’d like. Simply keep up with what’s going on around town, and you’ll be able to work around it whether you need to get to your storage locker or to a business appointment. Also, you’re sure to  find events you want to take part in!

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