How to Store Jewelry

Krista Diamond | May 30, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Unless you’re pulling a Mr. T and wearing all of your necklaces all the time, you probably need a place to store your jewelry. Whether you’re using self storage or storing your rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings at home, storing valuable pieces is the best way to preserve them for years.

Jewelry store logic might state that a diamond is forever, but that’s only true if you take good care of it. From engagement rings to family heirlooms, here’s how to store your jewelry.

Store it Somewhere Clean and Dry

All types of jewelry fare best in clean and dry conditions. This means climate control if you’re storing your jewelry in a storage unit. You’ll also want to keep the words “clean and dry” in mind when choosing the actual container in which you’re storing your jewelry. The ideal storage container is the box or cloth bag your jewelry came in, but if you no longer have those items, purchase a cotton filled jewelry box or wrap each piece in tissue paper before placing it in a regular jewelry box.

Keep Pieces Separate

We’ve all experienced the dreaded mess of tangled necklaces at some point. In addition to being one of the most annoying situations known to any jewelry owner, tangled jewelry can also damage your most treasured pieces. Avoid this by keeping all pieces separate, especially when it comes to necklaces. This is essential when dealing with gold, which is the softest, most easily damaged type of jewelry. In order to avoid scratches, keep gold far away from jewelry containing gemstones.

Avoid Exposure

Exposing jewelry to air and certain materials (like rubber) might cause metals to tarnish. Always store your necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in the storage containers mentioned above. Fortunately, a storage unit will prevent jewelry from being exposed to outside elements.

Preventing Theft

If storing your jewelry at home, keep it in a safe or somewhere hidden. As tempting as it is to leave beautiful necklaces on display on your dresser, this leaves them vulnerable to theft.

If storing in a storage unit, think twice before storing very expensive jewelry. If you must store pricey jewelry in your storage unit, choose a facility with excellent security features. This includes high walls, key-coded gate access, surveillance cameras, good lighting and a team of self storage employees dedicated to preventing theft from happening. Always place your jewelry towards the back of the storage unit rather than somewhere obvious.

Before storing, create an inventory of your jewelry. Take photographs of each piece before and write a description including the value.

If you’re not comfortable with storing your jewelry at a storage facility, consider getting a safe deposit box at the bank.


Regardless of whether you’re storing your jewelry in a storage unit, at home or at the bank, you’ve got to make sure it’s insured. Check to see if your homeowners insurance personal property coverage is enough to cover the full value of your jewelry. If so, this will cover your jewelry even when it’s not in your house.

Another option is jewelry insurance. A lot of insurance policies aren’t enough to cover your most prized pieces and this is where jewelry insurance steps in.

You may also consider self storage insurance, however you should be aware that some policies might not cover jewelry, so read carefully before signing anything.

Still have questions about best self storage practices, insurance or theft-prevention? Talk to your jeweler and your storage facility’s manager or store that fancy ring somewhere where you can always see it: right on your finger.

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