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How to Store Golf Equipment

Jon Fesmire | June 8, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

If you enjoy golfing, you know how valuable your equipment is, and you want to keep it in the best shape possible over the long term. Though you may play often, at times you may need to put away your clubs for a few months or so. This might be during the winter or when moving. These instructions will help you keep your golf equipment in great shape when you must put it away for a few months or more.

Storing Golf Balls

You may have heard that it’s a good idea to store your golf balls in the freezer. Let’s get this out of the way immediately. That’s a myth! Freezing temperatures will affect the materials the balls are made of and change their aerodynamics. It can also cause them to become more brittle and crack.

Before storing them, gently wash them with soap and water. Pat them dry with an absorbent towel, and allow them to air dry. Then, keep them in a storage container that breathes, such as a canvas bag.

Store them in a climate controlled environment (like a storage unit) with the air at room temperature. Doing so will protect their composition. The other aspect of climate control is that it keeps humidity at ideal levels. Too little humidity, and your golf balls can start to dry out. Too much, and mold and mildew can grow on them.

Storing Golf Clubs

When it comes to storage, everything that goes for golf balls also goes for golf clubs, and then some. First, don’t keep your golf bag in your car. You may do this during those times of the year when you golf regularly. The problem is that when you drive, your clubs jostle around in your golf bag. They’ll bump into each other, causing small dents and other damage

Golf equipment is expensive, so treat it well. Take your golf bag in after a day on the green and put it safely in a closet. Clean your golf clubs after every few days of playing.

How do you clean them, and what about long term storage? Just like with golf balls, gently clean your clubs with soap and water, from club heads to grips to shafts, pat them dry, and allow them to air dry completely. Put head covers on your clubs to protect against scratching.

Clean the golf bag as well and make sure it’s completely dry inside, and put the clubs in it. The main takeaway here is to keep them dry, or risk mold and mildew growing on your clubs or the lining of the bag. Again, that also means climate control. Chances are, your living room or bedroom closet will suffice, but you may want to consider getting a climate controlled self storage unit. Why is this important for golf clubs? First, if you store your golf bag and clubs in a humid environment, despite making sure they were dry after cleaning them, there’s a big risk of moisture getting in, encouraging the growth of mold. Second, a cold, dry environment can dry out the grips, causing them to harden and crack. Always store your golf bag upright, and make sure the clubs are in the same position inside, to prevent them from bumping into each other. Also, if your bag came with a rain cover, place it over the bag. Overall, storing golf equipment is a simple process. Follow these suggestions to keep yours in great shape for years to come.

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