How to Store Gardening Tools

Jon Fesmire | April 19, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Gardening is both a relaxing pastime and a great way to beautify your yard or grow extra food for you and your family. Sometimes, you don’t even need your own yard. Some community and senior centers provide gardening plots to members.

During the growing season, generally spring and summer, you’ll want to keep your gardening supplies accessible. In the winter, you may want to put them in self storage until spring rolls around again.

The good thing is that storing your gardening tools and supplies isn’t complicated. Here’s how to do it.

The Power of Pegboard

It seems you can hang anything on pegboard. You attach it to the wall, add hooks to hang items by, and you’re ready to put a variety of items up on the wall. This works great for all sorts of gardening tools. Your spades and shears may have string hoops on the handles,making them easy to hang.

You can also find a variety of pegboard accessories, like bins and containers. These are great for storing seed packets, labels, and more.


Shelving for gardening supplies doesn’t have to be complicated to be useful. Wall mounted shelves, with pegboard or panels with thicker pegs underneath, can work great. On the shelf or shelves, you can keep pots, watering cans, and other supplies that don’t hang well. On the pegs or hooks, you can keep most tools. This can even include large shovels, rakes, and other large tools. Use unfinished wood and stain it for an outdoors look.

Broom Hangers

About hanging those big tools with long handles: when pegs don’t work, there are always broom holders. There are a variety of options available, but the best are those that grip the broom, rake, or shovel handle. Simply push the handle into one of these holders, and it will grip the tool and hold it in place. You won’t have to lean your tool against the wall and risk it slipping and becoming a tripping hazard.

To make your tools even more secure, install one holder about five feet up a wall, and a second a couple of feet directly below it. Press the handle of your tool into both at once. This will keep in place and prevent it from swinging.

Planting Calendar

This isn’t a calendar in the traditional sense, but a way to keep your seed packets within easy reach and let you know when to plant what. For each month, hang a strip of ribbon or paper. Label each on top with the month. Then, using clothespins, attach seed packets to each ribbon according to the proper time to plant the given flower or vegetable. This will not only make remembering when to plant what easier, it will give you something to look forward to.

Garden Storage Shed

Small to medium sized garden storage sheds are nice for two reasons, and both have to do with the fact that you can have them up against the wall of your house next to, or in, your garden. First, being near the garden, they’re incredibly convenient. Second, a well-made wooden shed makes an attractive addition to the garden, whether you’re growing flowers or food. Some come with shelving, and some don’t. In the latter, you can install your racks, pegboard, or shelves.

Cleaning Your Tools

Dirt, water, and plant materials, including resin and sap, over time can damage your tools. Before you put them away, wash and dry them thoroughly. To get off stubborn dirt, use a putty knife. To remove sticky plant materials, you may need to use a little turpentine on a rag. Use a rust blocking spray to protect the metal parts of your tools.

Self Storage

If you put gardening tools in self storage, it doesn’t make much sense to hang them from a wall. In early spring, you’ll want to retrieve them easily, and that means putting them in boxes. Before you bring them in, clean them, per the directions above. Dirty tools might harbor bug eggs, or might attract pests. Put your hand tools in a lidded box. Cardboard or wood are fine. You may want to wrap each in a cotton or linen cloth as well. The important thing is for the box to breathe. Plastic boxes don’t breathe, so if moisture forms inside, the tools may rust. You can store shovels and rakes upright. Finally, add the box, and your larger tools, to your self storage unit, where they’ll be safe until you need them again.

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