How to Store a Flat Screen TV

Krista Diamond | March 1, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Tube TVs—or CRT televisions—are obsolete, which is good news because they were impossible to lift, let alone store. But could our modern day, LED flat screens present an even bigger self storage challenge?

The idea of putting a flat screen TV into a storage unit can be a terrifying one. Flat screen TVs are big yet thin which makes them cumbersome and made up of glass and electronic parts which makes them fragile. They’re expensive but they’re easily damaged.

Fortunately, if you have to put your flat screen TV into a storage unit, there are ways to protect it from breakage so that it’ll be ready to deliver you entertainment when you’re ready to bring it home.

Preparation is Your Friend

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing your flat screen TV for a month or a year. The steps to preparing it for storage are important either way. Fortunately, they’re easy to follow:
  • Use canned air to get dust of the TV’s crevices and then give it a gentle wipe-down with a damp, soft cloth.

  • Remove cables and the TV stand and clean them the same way.

  • Store the TV in its original box if possible. If you don’t still have it, you can purchase one online. If you’re storing at a facility that sells moving supplies, you may also be able to purchase the right sized box there.

  • While you should avoid storing the TV in a box that is too big, you ideally should have enough space in the box to accommodate cushioning (bubble wrap, like this electronics cushion is perfect). Avoid cushioning the flat screen TV with anything scratchy, like newspaper, or anything that can wick moisture, like cotton. You can also wrap the outside of the box for extra protection.

  • Store the stand, cables and other components, like your remote control and instruction manual in a separate, labelled box.

Choosing a Storage Unit

Before choosing an actual storage unit, be sure to choose a facility with top notch security features. Your flat screen TV was expensive, and you don’t want to store it in a facility where it will get stolen.

Once you’ve found a great storage facility, choose a unit with climate control. This feature regulates the temperature and humidity inside of your storage unit. Extreme cold or heat can damage your flat screen TV, and moisture can be downright deadly for all electronics. No matter what part of the country you live in, if you’re storing a flat screen TV, climate control is the number one self storage feature you shouldn’t skip.

Time for Storage

Now that your flat screen TV is ready for its temporary home in your storage unit, here are a few last steps:
  • Always store the TV upright. This applies to the car ride over and the actual position of the TV inside your storage unit. Storing it any other way can scratch the glass or warp the electrical components.

  • Don’t store the TV near any precarious items that might fall on it or on top of anything unsteady.

  • Place the TV near the back of the storage unit, on top of something sturdy if possible. Positioning it in an elevated state will safeguard it against the rare event of water, pests or some other contaminant entering your storage unit and positioning it towards the back will protect it in the (also rare) event of a burglary.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about storing your flat screen TV, consult your manufacturer and don’t hesitate to consult your storage facility’s staff as well. Following proper storage procedures will ensure that your flat screen TV will be with you for a lifetime—or at least until the new model comes out.

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