How To: Solicit Help From Your Friends for Your Move

Sara Heins | September 26, 2013 @ 4:52 PM

Some of your friends may be sweet little angels who are always looking for the next good deed to strike off their list. If you have friends who are less mature/enlightened, these suggestions are for you. They're intended for the friends who need an extra push into spending their weekend lugging around your heavy belongings for you. Or if you're trying to convince that one elusive acquaintance who has a pickup truck to come over and help.

1. Tempt them with an after party

Be nice and splurge on the good stuff. They just used up massive amounts of energy carrying your king-sized mattress down six flights of steps; they can afford the extra caloric intake.

2. Offer them favors in exchange

Think back to that Psych 101 gen ed credit you had to take, and think about what really makes your particular friends happy. Whether it's the reciprocal "I'll help you move next time around" or "I'll feed your dog when you're in Hawaii next week" or even "I'll babysit for you… on a much coveted weekend night", I'm sure you're capable of figuring out your friends' deepest desires and exploiting them to the fullest.

3. Make it into a game

Whether that means you dress up like it's DND night or you give a cash prize to whoever moves the heaviest stuff, people are competitive by nature and will love the chance to destroy someone else at something.

4. Give them your unwanted items

Maybe your new apartment won't have room for your L-shaped patent leather couch. You could a) try to sell it on Craigslist and risk getting shanked or b) donate it to a buddy who helps you move it out.

5. Straight up trick them

"It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission." Tell them you're doing something else, like playing a sport, to ensure they're wearing the proper footwear. You'd hate to be the cause of a toe injury.

6. Make them presents

Think of it like a wedding shower or a six-year-old's birthday party – everyone likes parting gift bags, etc. Find your favorite Pinterest craft and make them something they'll never forget, like this rad leather jacket with duct tape accents

7. Make them think that it was their idea

Channel your inner sales-person for this idea. Although the technology behind Inception is at least five years away in the future, you can always try out Khaleesi's tactics.

8. Make it enticing, yet unobtainable

People also want things they can't have. Paint a portrait of all the fun you'll have moving, then let them know that they're not needed; you've already got too many volunteers. They'll be begging to help you move in an instant.

9. Guilt them into it

Have you kept a meticulous list of everything you've ever done for a certain friend? This is the time to remind them about that time last year you gave them a ride to the airport. This pettiness may screw up the future of your friendship, but at least you won't have to move your 60" plasma screen all by yourself. Can't rely on your friends? Try these tips on finding a moving company instead.

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