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How to Get a Summer-Ready Backyard

Jon Fesmire | April 27, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

Summer is coming, and if you have a back patio or full backyard, now’s the time to get it ready for the sunshine. Summer is a great time to have friends over, relax, and enjoy the outdoors however you choose.

First, we’ll cover preparing your patio or backyard, then, we’ll cover things you may want to add to make the space special.


  • Pruning/Weeding - Over winter and spring, you may have let your backyard go a bit. As summer approaches, it’s a great time to do some pruning and weeding out back. With trees and bushes trimmed and unwanted plants removed, your backyard will look more attractive. Here are some tips on proper weed removal, but you can also ask at your local gardening store, or even hire a gardener.

  • Mosquitoes - One of the most annoying pests that make their home in backyards are mosquitoes. As summer approaches, check for any areas of standing water, including buckets and birdbaths. Empty the water and clean them. Standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs, and this will lower the chances of them coming to your yard.

  • Garden - If you want a pleasant garden in your yard, now’s the time to start it, whether you want a beautiful flower garden, a vegetable garden, or an herb garden. If you don’t want to grow plants in the ground, consider buying hanging plants from the eaves of your roof, or getting larger, potted plants to place in your yard.

  • Mowing - Mow your back lawn regularly to keep the ground looking well-manicured and inviting.

  • Cleaning - Clean existing structures, such as bird houses and bird baths, the side of the house, the back porch, walkways, and so on. A pressurized hose works well for strong structures, but if your house was painted before 1978, make sure the paint is lead-free before spraying. When cleaning wooden surfaces, such as tables and chairs, use a wood cleaner/conditioner.

Adding to Your Yard

  • Outdoor Lighting - Having a get-together out back when the sun sets? Some outdoor lighting can really add to your patio and yard. Consider getting solar torches, which collect solar energy during the day and light up at night. This is also great if your party starts during the day and edges into night.

  • Patio Sets- There are a variety of seating options for your patio, and one way to get a good idea of what you want is looking at patio seating sets. There are many types of seats, from wooden to metal, some with cushions. Consider getting seats with removable cushions, so that you can put them in the closet overnight to protect them from the elements.

  • Cooler Table - Picnic tables are great for back yards, giving you a place to eat with family and friends. If you want to take that a step further, purchase or make a cooler table. What’s that? Well, a cooler table is a picnic table with a recess built into the center. Fill it with ice and put your favorite canned and bottled drinks in it the next time you have a get-together.

  • Hammock - Hammocks are great because you can relax in the shade or in the sun and feel like you’re floating. These days, you can get a hammock that comes with supports, so you don’t need to hook it to your fence or between two trees.

  • Outdoor Sofa - You can also relax outside with an outdoor sofa. These come in as many sizes as indoor sofas, so you can get one for two, or one for a family. An outdoor sofa will provide a nice place for you or your guests to relax after dinner.

With these ideas, you’re on your way to sprucing up your backyard just in time for summer.

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