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How to Declutter Your Child's Closet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jon Fesmire | August 17, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

A child's closet often looks like a colorful whirlwind of toys, clothing of various sizes, and a treasure trove of art projects. As children grow, their belongings multiply, making decluttering an essential task. Let’s dive into how to bring order to this playful chaos.

Start With a Vision

Before diving in, visualize the ideal closet. Would a color-coordinated setup appeal to you? Maybe distinct zones for toys, clothing, and shoes? Creating a vision beforehand helps set a clear goal, ensuring that the final outcome aligns with your desired aesthetic. It can also be helpful to browse online or check magazines for inspiration.

Get the Kids Involved

Decluttering can be an educational and fun activity for children. Allow them to have a say in what they want to keep, give away, or toss. Involving them in the process can instill a sense of responsibility and decision-making. Furthermore, they might surprise you with their willingness to part with certain items, making the task easier. Plus, they're more likely to maintain the tidiness if they've been part of the organization journey.

Sort Everything Out

Begin by emptying the entire closet. Lay everything out to get a comprehensive view. Categorize items into distinct groups:

  • Keep: Items that are in regular use and in good shape.
  • Donate: Items that can find a new home due to being outgrown or seldom used.
  • Toss: Anything broken, irreparable, or too worn out.
  • Store: Off-season items or treasured keepsakes.

This categorization not only simplifies the decluttering process but also provides a clearer picture of what is genuinely needed.

One Size at a Time

Kids outgrow clothes at an astonishing rate. Start by organizing clothes by size, setting aside those that no longer fit but are still in good shape. These can be stored for younger siblings, given to friends, or donated. Creating designated spaces for each size ensures that you can easily locate outfits suitable for the current season and phase of growth. Plus, it streamlines the process when transitioning between sizes.

Optimize Storage Solutions

The right storage can revolutionize a closet's functionality. Consider closet organizers tailored for kids – adjustable shelves, multi-level hangers, or transparent bins can be particularly handy. They not only maximize space but also make it easier for kids to maintain the order themselves. Additionally, having a dedicated spot for every item type can reduce the chances of future clutter. And if you're feeling crafty, DIY storage solutions can add a personal touch.

Zone it Out

A well-structured closet can speed up daily routines. Designate specific areas:

  • Top Shelves: For items that are infrequently accessed, or you'd prefer to keep out of young hands.
  • Middle Shelves/Hanging Racks: Clothing that is in current rotation.
  • Lower Shelves/Bins: Easily accessible zones for toys, shoes, and accessories.

Creating these zones makes it easier for children to understand where each item belongs, promoting self-sufficiency. It's also beneficial for parents, streamlining morning routines and clean-up times.

Rotate Toys

An abundance of toys can quickly overwhelm a closet. One solution is to implement a toy rotation system. Store a portion away and every few weeks or months, reintroduce them. This not only maintains a tidy space but also renews children’s interest in old toys, making them feel new again. A rotation system also allows you to assess which toys are genuinely cherished and which can be donated.

Label Everything

Labels are the secret ingredient to a well-organized closet. For bins, baskets, or shelves, consider labels with both pictures (for younger kids) and words (for older ones). This visual guide can make tidying up more intuitive and fun for children. Plus, it reduces the chances of items ending up in the wrong spot. Labels can be color-coded, themed, or even made into a fun DIY project with the kids.

Regularly Revisit

Consistency is key to maintaining an organized closet. Set reminders to revisit and reorganize every few months. Children’s preferences, sizes, and needs change rapidly, so regular checks help ensure the closet remains functional and clutter-free. It's also an excellent opportunity to reassess storage solutions and make necessary adjustments based on your child’s growth and evolving needs.

Celebrate & Maintain

After the hard work, take a moment to admire and celebrate the organized space. Perhaps reward your child with a fun outing or treat. Consistently practicing tidiness can foster lasting habits in children. Over time, with regular maintenance, the once daunting task of decluttering will become a breeze. And remember, an organized space often leads to a more peaceful and productive daily life.

Taming the wild terrain of a child's closet might seem challenging at first, but with a methodical approach, it can be transformed into an enjoyable and fruitful endeavor. Not only will you gain a serene space, but you'll also be gifting your child the lifelong skills of organization and decision-making. Here’s to joyful decluttering and even more delightful discoveries!

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