How Self Storage Properties Can Support Their Communities

Jon Fesmire | July 12, 2021 @ 10:40 AM

One thing we like to encourage in the self storage industry is good corporate citizenship. This is something that any business can engage in from the local to the international level, and it means giving back to the community. You already compare features when you look for a storage location. You check prices, security and other features, location, and so on. Another thing you might be curious about is how the property supports the community.

Why Self Storage Properties Engage in Corporate Citizenship

There are several significant reasons properties near you help the community. First, they’re part of the community. By helping make their city or town better, they make it better for their business. Perhaps their activities help lower crime, or help people get good jobs, or help keep the neighborhood clean. Second, this garners good publicity and goodwill for the property, which translates into increased business. Third, on a personal level, it feels good to help others, so the managers, owners, and employees can take pride in making their community a better place.

Ways Self Storage Might Help Your Community

Self storage businesses have a variety of options for helping their communities, some of which differ from what other businesses can do. They include the following and more.
  • Providing free storage space for schools or nonprofit organizations
A self storage location may set aside a few spaces for this purpose, and the school or charity they help will get to use it for free, or for a minimal price, just to cover basic maintenance and expenses.
  • Accepting recycling
This helps everyone. It makes it easy for people storing at the property to put belongings in their spaces and recycle without having to drive elsewhere. It also helps others in the community who aren’t close to a recycling center. Finally, it brings the property brand recognition and new customers.
  • Becoming a Toys for Tots drop-off point
The Toys for Tots organization provides toys to poor families, especially during the holiday season, so kids don’t miss out on fun and learning opportunities at home. Businesses, including self storage, help when they become drop-off points where people in the community can donate toys.
  • Supporting homeless shelters
By donating to homeless shelters, self storage companies can do a lot of good. It gives homeless people the opportunity to get a leg up. With somewhere to stay, eat, and shower, they have a better chance of getting work and getting out of the cycle of homelessness. It can cut down on crime, because when you give people in need a hand, they don’t have to resort to theft to survive. Homeless shelters also work with medical providers to provide healthcare and drug counseling. The self storage property benefits because homeless people then don’t have to resort to sleeping in their storage spaces, which is unsafe for homeless people and a potential liability for the company.
  • Donating to Charities
Self storage properties can donate to other charities, such as food banks, which in turn help families in poverty. They may also help with disaster relief, help local schools raise funds through events and raffles, and more.

What You Can Do

To support these efforts, you can rent from a property that helps your local community in one or more of these ways. If you’re in a parent-teacher association, work for a school district, work with a homeless shelter, or part of another charity, there’s something else you can do. Ask your local property if they can help in one of the ways we mentioned. Let them know you will list them prominently as a supporter. They may want to think about it or know more about your organization, so come prepared with information. If they need time, give them a business card and let them know how to get in touch. Most businesses are happy to help their community and appreciate the publicity, so you have a good chance of getting help for your organization and forming a mutually beneficial relationship. And hey, if they’re wondering where you got such a good idea, point them toward this article.

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