How Self Storage is Going Green

Jon Fesmire | March 29, 2021 @ 5:24 PM

When you think about self storage, green living and sustainability may not come to mind. However, this industry as a whole is environmentally conscious, and every year facilities make strides toward existing in harmony with the environment.

Of course, some companies will adopt green measures more quickly than others, but as a general rule, the self storage industry tends to be forward-thinking on this issue. This may be an older industry, but it’s focused on modern innovation.

Here are some of the measures you’re likely to find at facilities near you.

Providing Recycling Bins

Sometimes, self storage tenants go through their units and discover things they no longer need.

We encourage people to declutter before storing, as it’s more efficient and will save you money.

However, if you weren’t able to do this or didn’t think about it, you may find yourself in your unit and realize that there are things you just don’t need.

For this reason, your facility may have large recycling bins on-site rather than just a big garbage can.

That way, you can ensure that a lot of your paper, metal, and plastic waste gets recycled.

Switching to Solar Energy

Many storage facilities these days are switching to solar energy as much as they can.

By getting solar panels installed on their roofs, they reduce the amount of electricity they need from the power grid and generate clean energy. Once solar panels have been installed, that energy from the sun is basically free, and when the facility generates more than it needs, it can sell the extra power to the local electric company.

In many regions of the U.S., climate-controlled units are necessary for tenants to keep their stuff in good condition, but the HVAC systems that power them use a lot of energy.

Solar panels ensure that climate control can be used in a more eco-friendly way.

Online Signups

Yes, ensuring customers can sign up for units online is good for the environment.


It ensures that new tenants don’t have to drive to the facility to rent a unit, and that saves gas. This may seem small, but over time that’s a lot less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Improving the Lighting

Old incandescent light bulbs are so early twentieth century.

These days we have much better technology, lightbulbs that last longer, use much less energy, and provide just as much light. We’re talking about compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CLFs) as well as light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

With these, storage facilities greatly cut down on energy consumption which is always better for the environment.

Improving Insulation and Sealing Windows and Doors

This one is so simple, but more companies need to do it.

Many storage facilities are saving energy simply by installing better insulation in their walls and making sure the cracks around doors and windows that let in drafts are sealed.

Since standard units don’t have heating or cooling, they don’t tend to have this sort of feature, but you can expect to see it in main offices and you’ll definitely find it in climate-controlled units.

On the Consumer End

Those are the major measures that a lot of self storage facilities take. As a tenant, you can do your part, too.

Start by renting a facility near your home or work so that you don’t have to drive far to access it. This will save gas. If your facility has recycling, use it. Also, rent the smallest unit you can that will hold everything you store. If you have a unit with climate-control, this will save on energy.

If you’re curious about what your facility is doing to go green, ask them, and if they don’t have an answer, encourage them to take these important measures. Not only are they good for the planet, they can save the facility money.

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