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How Self Storage Can Save Your Business Money

Jon Fesmire | February 4, 2021 @ 3:58 PM

Running your own business can be a lot of work. Success is what every business chases, but success may also bring some businesses, like those that deal with a lot of inventory, some logistical hurdles.

Your business is growing, but you need more room to store all of the goods involved with running your business. Retail or commercial space is usually the route to go, but that kind of space can oftentimes come with a large price tag.

This is where self storage might be able to help you. Per square foot, self storage rents for less than either residential or commercial space.

What Businesses Can Best Use Self Storage

Nearly any business that requires physical goods on hand can benefit from self storage.

If you run an e-commerce business from home, whether you’re selling electronics, craft items, or something else, you can use your unit to store your overstock items.

Many companies use storage to store the original hardcopies of certain records and other paperwork that they legally need to keep.

Catering companies use storage for their trays, silverware, chairs, and so on.

Pop-up stores may keep everything in a storage unit, including their inventory and storefronts.

Bookstores, supermarkets, and so on can use storage to keep their seasonal displays and holiday stock before it goes on sale.

Use Self Storage to Expand or Shrink Your Space While Saving Money on Rent

If you work from home, or an office, and you feel that business items are starting to take up too much room, don’t immediately start looking for a bigger apartment, office, or storefront.

Instead, look into local self storage facilities.

You’ll quickly find that self storage companies have a range of unit sizes.

Sizes range from small at 5x5 to extra-large at around 10x30.

The availability of certain units varies depending on seasonality and other factors, but you should be able to find a size at a nearby facility that will suit your needs, giving you that extra room you need to flourish.

Self storage facilities also make it easy to transfer to a larger or smaller unit if your needs change. Often, you can do so right on their website. That way, you can move your things from one unit to another without having to go into an office at all.

If you live in an area with cold, dry winters, hot, humid summers, or both, we recommend renting a unit with climate control.

This feature will generally raise the rent of a unit by about 30%, but you should still be below the cost of renting residential or commercial space.

Climate-controlled units are generally kept between about 50 and 80 degrees with humidity between 30% and 50%, ideal levels for most of your stuff.

You’ll keep your inventory, records, tools, and so on in excellent condition, which in turn will impress your customers.

Become More Efficient by Decluttering Your Workspace

As mentioned, it’s easier to work when your space isn’t crowded.

Your craft room or office can start to feel smaller and smaller as your business grows.

Since this causes stress and makes work more difficult, it cuts down on efficiency.

By removing all those extra things that were crowding your home or workspace from your immediate vicinity, and into a storage unit, you’ll be able to work more efficiently.

Your stored goods, should you need them, will still be easily accessible.

Storage facilities usually have fairly long gate hours when you can access your storage units, some even offer 24-hour access. Even if a facility’s office hours end at a certain time, their gate hours are usually different.

You’ll need to check with facilities in your area to see what they offer.

The point is, gate hours are usually expansive enough that you should have no trouble getting business items from storage when you need them.

And, if you need somewhere to accept deliveries, self storage might also have you covered.

Most storage facilities will accept deliveries for you and place them right in your unit.

You won’t have to worry about a new driver who doesn’t know how to get to your front door or about staying home when you have something important to do elsewhere.

Whether you need extra room for your business now or later, you can get it at an affordable price with self storage. We wish you a world of success.

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