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How Self Storage Can Help Your Tenants Start 2022 Fresh

Jon Fesmire | January 5, 2022 @ 7:32 AM

Just like you, your tenants want to start the new year right. That’s why so many of us make resolutions at the beginning of the year. And yes, New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. Change is hard and incremental, so when people make resolutions, it’s best to break them up into smaller, doable steps.

We think that a self storage unit can help with resolutions and with getting the new year off to a good start.

Here are our suggestions for how your tenants can use storage to start the year off right.

Declutter First

We’ve written a lot about decluttering in this blog and encourage you to look through our articles for suggestions and share them with your tenants. Start with 6 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Storage Space.

The basics are, yes, simple. They can sort through their things area of the home at a time, and decide what they no longer need nor deeply want. They can then sell, donate, recycle, and throw out the rest. After this, it becomes obvious what they want to keep, including what among that stuff they can put in storage.

Post-Holiday Cleanup

After the holidays, your tenants will need to clean up. Yes, that means decluttering, but it also means putting all those holiday decorations, including garlands, wreaths, artificial trees, and ornaments away.

Self storage is an excellent place to store all these until the 2022 holiday season.

Make Room for Resolutions

Depending on the resolutions your tenants make, self storage can really help. Perhaps they need to make room for exercise equipment for a fitness resolution. Or maybe they got a new sewing machine for Christmas and plan to make more outfits. They’ll need room for that machine plus everything that goes with it.

Store Off-Season Items

The chill in the air this time of year reminds us all of how much the weather can fluctuate. Even if you live in one of the temperate parts of the U.S., it will get colder in the winter and warmer in the summer.

We all have seasonal items. Mostly, this means clothes, but it can also mean sports equipment and other items. Self storage makes a great off-season wardrobe, or somewhere to keep your surfboards in the winter and your ski gear in the summer. Remind your tenants that their units can free up clothing and equipment space in their homes.

Storage for Business

You may get new tenants who are starting, or expanding, a business in 2022. Let them know the advantages of renting a unit for business purposes. They can store overstock inventory, paperwork, displays, tools, samples, and much more. Business storage works great for ecommerce stores, brick-and-mortar stores, caterers, and more. If you accept deliveries for your tenants and put those deliveries in their units, let them know. This can be a big draw for business owners who can’t always pick up their packages on time.

Store Holiday Gifts

Wait, we’re talking about storing holiday gifts this early in the year? Why not? While many purchase gifts from after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, some keep an eye out for presents year-round. Perhaps a tenant has gone on a trip and found souvenirs family and friends would love for Christmas, or perhaps they make gifts throughout the year and need a safe place to keep them. Even in January, self storage can provide that extra room for gifts.

We hope you’re able to bring in many loyal tenants this year. Meanwhile, if you’re a customer looking for a storage unit to help bring in the new year right, check out our listings, covering the U.S. and Canada.

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