How (and Why) To Leave Reviews for Self Storage Properties

Jon Fesmire | July 30, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

When you’re renting from a self storage property, you may wonder why you should bother leaving a review. You’ve spent hours packing boxes and transporting your belongings to your space and you may not even want to think about storage for a while after that.

So, why leave a review? Here are some reasons

  • To help others know if they should rent from, or stay away from, a location

This is about wanting to help other customers and thinking about what sort of review you would have liked to have seen while looking for a storage property.

Maybe you spent a while finding the best self storage property around, or maybe you lucked out on a good one after looking at only a few. A positive review of that property can save other people time. Your review may impress them so much they check out the property right away, decide they love it, and rent a space.

You may be dissatisfied with the property you’re renting from. When you leave them a mediocre or even bad review, you’re telling other people to find a different company to rent from. Please, always be honest in your reviews. That said, if a company is doing a poor job, they can expect negative reviews. Besides warning potential tenants away from a property with poor business practices, you’re letting that company know they need to do better.

  • To Show Your Gratitude

This motivation is focused more on the company than on other tenants, but of course it will help customers, too. Showing your gratitude is about thanking the company for doing a great job through a review. You can explain how they went above and beyond when resolving a situation, how you appreciate the top security and cleanliness of their property, or how helpful a clerk was in explaining what you can and can’t store.

  • To Help Properties Improve

We mentioned this idea already, but this is a good overall reason to leave a review. Let’s say you like almost everything about the location you’re renting from. The staff is friendly, the grounds and office are spotless, and your climate-controlled unit keeps your business inventory in perfect condition.

However, they keep limited gate hours, and it sure would help your business run smoother if you could stop by at 9:00 p.m. sometimes to pick up a customer order. One way to make sure they see this and take it seriously is to give them a positive review, but mention that there’s one thing that would make them even better. You never know. They may just do it, especially if other customers read your review, agree, and include the suggestion in their reviews.

How to Leave Reviews

The biggest review sites are Google and Yelp. Leaving a review is easy once you know the steps, so we’ll cover those here.

  • Leaving a Yelp Review

    • Register for a Yelp account. To do so, click the “Sign Up” button on the top right of the homepage. Yelp accounts are free. You can sign up with your personal information, or use Facebook, Google, or Apple credentials. Yelp provides the links.

    • Fill out the demographic information. Yelp doesn’t require this, but it helps with an understanding of who uses which businesses. You can also find your email contacts who are also members on Yelp to see what they think about various places.

    • Finish the registration process. You’ll choose a nickname, you can upload a photograph, and so on.

    • Open the confirmation email Yelp sends you and confirm your email address by clicking on the link.

    • Go to the Yelp search page and type in the business name and city. Click the search button.

    • Find the business in the search results. It will have a “Write a Review” link. Click it.

    • Give the business the number of stars you think it deserves, and type your review into the text box.

    • Further down the page, you can confirm whether or not you think the pictures of the business fairly represent it. Select the dollar signs that reflect if you find the place expensive or not.

    • Click the Post button. Your review will appear for others to read.

  • Leaving a Google Review

    • Do a Google search in your browser for the business you want to review

    • The right sidebar will contain information about the business. Scroll down to the “Reviews from the web” section and click the “Write a review” button.

    • If you haven’t signed in to Google on the browser, a sign-in box will pop up. Sign in.

    • A window comes up where you can review the business. Select from one to five stars and type in your review. You can also include a photograph.

    • After you’ve written your review, click “Post.” You’re done.

Now you know the why and how of leaving reviews for self storage properties. You can apply this to other businesses, too. Let your favorite restaurant, used bookstore, sports shop, and hobby store know you appreciate them, and help other customers, too.

Meanwhile, if you need a storage space and don’t have one yet, check out our extensive listings. You can find storage facilities across the U.S. and Canada, and many of them include their social reviews front and center.

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