Hide Your Christmas Presents in Self Storage This Holiday Season

Jon Fesmire | December 9, 2019 @ 8:38 AM

One issue a lot of parents run into during the holidays is how tough it can be to hide presents from their children. Some kids, no matter how sweet they may be, can’t resist the temptation to go looking for them.

If presents are filling your closets and displacing everything else, consider hiding them in a storage unit this year.

Renting a Unit

The first step is to choose a storage facility and rent a storage unit. Most facilities allow you to rent on a month-to-month basis, so you may need to rent one for November and December only.

We encourage you to get a unit with climate control, especially if you live somewhere with cold winters. That cold, dry weather seeps into standard units and can damage your gifts. A climate-controlled unit keeps the temperature and humidity within safe levels.

Assessing Security

You’ll want to rent from a self storage facility with great security. Theft is rare in storage facilities, but it does happen sometimes, and ultimately, it’s your responsibility to protect your valuables from it.

For this, the first step is knowing what security measures are in place at several facilities before choosing one. Ideally, the facility you choose will have high walls, gated access, a monitored camera system that covers the entire facility, good lighting in the hallways and outdoors, and an alarm system. If the facility has individually alarmed units, that’s even better.

Hiding Presents

After you purchase presents, you can swing by your storage unit and drop them off. We suggest you get some plastic bins to put them in. Many storage facilities sell moving and packing supplies on-site, which will help with the storage process. You can also find items, such as tape, that you’ll need for gift wrapping.

Picking the Presents Up

Many families that celebrate Christmas like to get the presents under the tree the night of Christmas Eve, after the children are asleep. Either you or Santa will have to pick up the presents from storage if this is your tradition.

So, make sure you know the hours of your storage facility. The last thing you’ll want is to drive up at night and find the place closed. If the facility has earlier hours, or if they close early on Christmas Eve, you’ll need to get there in time to pick everything up. Yes, in this case, you’ll need to keep them in the car until the kids are dreaming. Of course, if you can find a facility with late hours or even 24-hour access, that’s even better.

Now, go forth and have a fantastic holiday season!

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