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Greensboro, NC RV and Boat Storage

Krista Diamond | March 21, 2016 @ 6:28 PM

If you’re a Greensboro local, renting a storage unit is a great way to deal with restrictive city ordinances and HOA rules that can make parking your RV or boat in front of your property impossible (we feel your pain). It’s also a great way to live in a parking garage dominated urban environment without having to sacrifice your beloved big rig. There are 91 storage facilities in town, 14 of which offer RV and boat storage. How do you even begin to choose? Read our tips on RV and boat storage in Greensboro and let us point you in the right direction.

Consider 24 Hour Access

We’re not going to lie to you: 200 miles to get to the mountains or the beach is going to feel like a long drive sometimes (it takes at least three hours). You know what really puts a damper on the perfect day on your boat? Having to leave way earlier than planned because you can’t get into your storage facility to store your toys 24 hours a day. What are you supposed to do if the traffic getting out of the Great Smoky Mountains makes you too late to get into your RV storage unit and you literally have nowhere else to park it? If you can’t access your storage unit after 5 pm, does that mean you have to leave the beach before you even eat lunch? We’d prefer not to stress over these hypotheticals, and you shouldn’t have to either. Opt for an RV or boat storage unit with 24 hour access in Greensboro. You can thank us later.

Why Security Matters in Greensboro

We know your RV or boat is your baby. If it’s not parked directly in front of your home, it’s easy to worry about it. We don’t think you should have to obsessively visit your unit every day to make it’s safe. Your unit should do that for you. RV and boat storage units can range from glorified outdoor parking lots to 100% enclosed units. When considering a storage facility in Greensboro, ask the manager to explain the different options along with other security considerations like how well lit the facility is, how many cameras are in place and how often staff members walk the property. Greensboro has an above average crime rate (it’s ranked as safer than 11% of US cities). We don’t think that’s cause for any panic, just all the more reason to factor in security when choosing a storage unit. Whether you’ve got a totally tricked out class A RV or a pop-up camper, we know how much you love it, and we think your storage unit should show it some love too.

Opting for a Flexible Lease

You don’t have to be a snowbird to know that flexible storage unit leases matter in Greensboro (though that is one population that benefits from them). If you’re lucky enough to have summer plans that put you and your boat on the coast from May through August, or you’re a seasonal campground employee living in an RV in the mountains for a contracted period of time, you probably don’t want to pay for storage that you’re not even using. Places like Ray Self-Storage (they have two locations in Greensboro) offer special leases for those who only need RV and boat storage space during the off-season rather than year round. Whatever facility you go with, be sure to line your spot up early so you can beat the rush of campers and boaters who are often scrambling for vehicle storage once temperatures dip.

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