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Eight Organizational Projects You Can Tackle on a Long Weekend

Jon Fesmire | April 8, 2019 @ 7:13 AM

A long, lazy weekend is a great time to relax before you have to go back to work or school. It’s also a good time pick an area or two of your home to organize. These tasks can be relaxing, and you’ll be happy with the results. You’ll end up with more space, things will be easier to find, and your home will look better.


A well-organized entryway makes it easier to get out the door. Consider adding a shoe bench where you and your family can leave your shoes when you get home. Use the closet for your coats and umbrellas, or get a coat rack. You may even consider putting up a piece of art to make your home feel welcoming the minute you step in the door.


If you have several book cases, you might have difficulty finding a specific book when you need it. Take a couple of hours to organize your shelves. One great way to handle this is the same way book stores do. First, organize your collection by subject and genre, then by author.


Over time, it’s easy to end up with more and more clothing, including items you never wear. Spend a day going through your closet and dresser. Consider putting off-season clothes into self storage, giving away good quality items you no longer wear, and recycling worn out clothing.

Linen Closet

Organizing your linen closet is easy. Make sure your towels and washcloths are folded and stacked well. If you find items that are thinning or torn, you can recycle them or use them for cleaning counters, floors, and so on.


Check the contents of your bathroom counter, cabinets, shower, and bathtub. Throw out empty bottles, old toothbrushes, and so on. Then, make a list of things you need. Perhaps you’re low on shampoo, soaps, or cleaning products. Purchase the missing items, put them in your bathroom, and you’ll have them when you need them.

Kitchen Cabinets

Are your cups, mugs, and plates organized? If not, now’s a good time to sort them. What about your drawers? Are forks with forks, spoons with spoons, and so on? You may also have a drawer or two with extras, like batteries, pens, and old photographs. Now’s a good time to make sure they’re at least in decent order.

Pantry and Fridge

Unless you clean out your pantry and refrigerator regularly, there’s a good chance you have food items that have expired. Go through them, throw out old food, then make a shopping list of what you need to replace. Head over to the grocery store, get what you need, and put it all away at home.


It’s easy to let the mail pile up. Take a half hour or so to go through your pile of mail. Recycle the junk, pay and file your most recent bills, and place anything you’ll need to deal with later somewhere convenient. Don’t forget to check on it later, though.

While these suggestions will get you started, we’re sure you’ll find other parts of your own home that you can organize. Follow the same methodology we laid out here, and you’ll be able to organize your most troublesome areas over the course of a few relaxed weekends.

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