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Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2016 @ 12:48 PM

It’s time to get excited, because you’re going to university in Denver! The Mile High City has some of the best weather in the nation and several excellent schools of higher learning. Whether you’ll live on campus or off, you will likely need self-storage. If you don’t immediately, you’re sure to accumulate new and meaningful belongings during your university years and will need somewhere to store them.

Here are some important considerations when renting storage space in Denver.

You Will Need More Space

Your undergraduate years are probably the first that you’ve lived away from your parents home. As you’re starting your adult life, you will certainly accumulate more possessions. Some of what you get, you’ll need after college, which might include new clothes, cookware and kitchenware, art, and more. Even if you prefer a optimized lifestyle with few extra items, you will end up with things like more books, items related to new clubs like art or sports equipment, and items you may cherish for the rest of your life. You’ll need somewhere to put these. Even if you manage to get through college without needing self-storage, keep these lessons in mind for the future.

You Can Bring It With You

Denver enjoys an active student culture with more than 60,000 university and college students enrolled at 16 schools of higher education including University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Denver, and Regis University. In fact, 18,000 of those students attend University of Colorado Denver. While University of Colorado Denver can help you find housing, we can help you find self-storage. Denver has 112 storage facilities with a total of 61,600 units. Keep in mind, though, that there are about 14 thousand military and civilian personnel at Buckley Air Force Base, and a total of more than 600 thousand residents in Denver. Start your search for a unit early. However, Denver weather is comfortable and mild, with winter days averaging about 37 F and summer days about 70 F,and Denver is one of the lowest humidity cities in the U.S. That’s great news for anything you want to store, and, unless you have specific, temperature-sensitive items, you probably won’t need a unit with climate control. Expect to find reasonably priced units. It’s possible to find 5’x5’ units for as low as $60, 5’x10’ units as low as $70, and 9’x10’ to 12’x4’ units for around $130. Also, consider the distance to storage from your apartment or dormitory. Also, think honestly about how often you’ll likely go to your unit and what you plan to keep there. If you can find a low-price unit nearby, that’s the best option, but it may be difficult, especially if you live on campus where storage lockers will be at a premium. Many people think they’ll be at their unit almost every day, and only go once a month, if that. So, if you’re not going to your unit often, you can save by having a unit a bit farther away from home. Finally, before you move to Denver, make a list of everything you plan to bring with you, and separate the list into things for your new home, and things for storage. This can help you determine the size locker you’ll need.

Storage When Studying Abroad

While at university in Denver, you may decide to spend a semester or a year abroad. You can keep your things in your apartment, but then you can’t be sure your things will be safe from prying eyes. Self-storage is the solution. If you don’t have enough room in your current unit, contact your self-storage facility and move to a larger one. Often, you can do so entirely online. Also, most facilities now let you manage your payments online from anywhere in the world. Also, consider subletting your apartment or room, if your landlord allows it. Just be sure that the person subletting from you will move out when you get back from your trip abroad.

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