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Lubabah Memon | March 21, 2016 @ 4:56 PM

Living in a place like Corona is every RV owner’s dream.  The sun is out almost year round, there are a bunch of beautiful parks in the area, and the city is in a great location for people interested in a variety of activities.  In order to make your experience as an RV owner more pleasurable, we recommend that you put your RV (or boat) in self storage.  Not only will it become easier and more efficient to go on your trips, but you’ll also protect it in the process.

Keeping Your Vehicles Safe

The number one reason we recommend keeping your RV and boat in self storage is to keep them safe.  Corona has an average of 3,458 annual property crimes, which makes your big, beautiful, shiny vehicles a target for thieves.  You wouldn’t leave a diamond ring sitting out in front of your house, so why your boat or RV?  When looking for a secure storage facility, check to see if they have on-site managers, 24-hour video surveillance, security guards, units with individual alarms, and gated,well-lit facilities.  You might not be able to find facilities with all of these in one place, but you should find a combination of a few of them.  Storage facilities are generally pretty safe, especially relative to our homes, because there’s always someone or something (cameras) keeping an eye on the property.

The Key to Happiness is Flexibility

People buy boats and RVs so that they can take their vehicles out whenever they feel like it, without having to wait to rent a vehicle to have a good time.  This is precisely why you need to find a storage facility that allows for flexibility so you’re not being told when you can or cannot use your own items.

The first thing you need is a flexible lease.  Storage facilities generally offer month-to-month leases, which is great because you’ll definitely be using your RV and boat over the summer and will probably be putting them away for the winter.  Given how nice the weather is in Corona, you may only put it away for a few months for winter.  Let’s get real—California doesn't have actual winters.  But it does get cold and people don’t go camping much for the holidays.  Having a flexible lease will allow you to have the benefits of self storage without paying for a long term lease for a unit you may not use for its duration.

Another key thing to look for is whether or not the facility allows for 24-hour access to your unit.  You won’t always be able to go to your unit during the day, and maybe even not in the evening depending on your work schedule and traffic.  Having a unit that you can go to at any time of the day, or night, will make it easier for you to plan vacations and be spontaneous.

RV Parks and Other Fun Things

One of the best RV parks in Corona is Glen Ivy RV Park.  This park is largely known for its amazing location.  It lies in the midst of everything; it is only between 5-45 minutes away from beaches, mountains, and famous theme parks.  If you’re a fan of this park and regularly come, you know you need to find a storage unit nearby.  With all of the activities that the park and its surrounding areas have to offer, you’re bound to want to go skiing in the mountains one day and then relax on the beach the next.  You can also go fishing in its lakes, at nearby Lake Mathews, or make a quick trip to Los Angeles or Disneyland.  In a nutshell, going to this park means needing a lot of different things that you don’t want to pack and carry every time you go for a vacation.

If this is a park that you regularly go to, we recommend that you store your RV, boat, and everything that will be needed with them at Power Sports Indoor RV & Boat Storage.  This facility is 2.6 miles away from the park and is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  You should store your beach equipment, mountain and ski gear, fishing gear, and anything that can be used on a lake (boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.).  You may go to the park packed and ready to go to the beach and then end up changing your mind and want to go skiing instead.  Normally, you wouldn’t be able to do something like this.  However, if you have your things stored nearby, you can do whatever you’re in the mood for without having to think twice about it.  That sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask us.

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