Baton Rouge, LA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | March 30, 2016 @ 4:55 PM

Events and Storage

Baton Rouge has dozens of events every year, from BabelCon to the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, and many more. When it comes to self-storage, that means two important things.

First, it takes many items to get a festival off the ground including booths, fliers, merchandise, costumes, and more. If there’s a parade involved, it will also include floats. Those have to get stored someplace during the rest of the year, and few businesses have enough room to store them in their own buildings. So, where are these items when the festival’s not running? Hidden in the self-storage lockers all around you are these parties just waiting to come out every year for your enjoyment.

Second, and perhaps less fun to think about, is traffic. When a festival comes to town there’s bound to be extra traffic going to it and from it. It may also take up street space and require detours. Just keep abreast of when events are happening and how they will affect how you get to storage, and you can plan your trips accordingly.

The Weather

In Baton Rouge, there’s no getting around it. Your self-storage unit will need climate control. The city has a humid subtropical climate. Winters are mild and often short, and summers are hot and muggy. The city also experiences heavy winds and is prone to tornados. Because of that, we recommend also having an indoor, rather than a drive-up, unit. Why are climate controlled units necessary in humid weather? Dampness leads to mildew and mold, causing serious damage to fabrics, books, other papers, and more. Also, heat can warp items like musical instruments.

The Importance of Security in Baton Rouge

New Orleans may be the most well-known city in Louisiana, but Baton Rouge is the capital and a center of culture in its own right. However, Baton Rouge does have a problem with crime. The crime rate in Baton Rouge is about three times higher than the national average. Simply put, you’ll want to store at a place with great security. A good security system includes gated access, strong, high walls, good lighting, a camera and monitor system, and an alarm system. Our article on storage security systems covers what the best self-security storage will look like.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University (LSU) has seen a surge in student enrollment. In 2010, about 28,000 students attended, while that went up to 31,500 in 2015. Because of this, more apartment buildings are being built to handle the influx of college students. For the average self-storage renter in the area, this means two things. First, if you rent your self-storage unit where the new buildings are going up, you can expect some traffic delays. Second, more students means more self-storage renters. As those students acquire more belongings during their years at LSU, self-storage prices could increase due to the new demand.

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