Augusta, GA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | May 6, 2016 @ 10:13 AM

A Tenant’s Market

First, the ratio of self-storage units per capita is excellent. Augusta has 55 self-storage facilities, which makes for a total of 31,350 individual units, and the total population of the city is about 200,000. That means the ratio of units to people is about 1 to 6. If you think about it, not everyone needs a storage unit, and often it’s couples or families who do rent them. For the most part, getting a unit should be a matter of running a simple search, comparing prices, and starting your rental agreement.

Beware the Weather

No matter where you live, you always need to think about the local climatecomate in conjunction with self-storage. Like the rest of Georgia, Augusta has a subtropical climate. The winters are mild and short, while summers are hot, humid, and uncomfortable. At home and in the office, you probably have air conditioning. This not only keeps you and your family comfortable, it also protects your belongings from various types of damage. Many items, like medicines, need to be kept at “room temperature,” and when things get over 85 or 90 degrees, it’s not great for them. Humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, doing serious damage to paper, fabrics, and more. So, in Augusta, you will probably need to get a unit with climate control to protect your stored possessions.


When you think of concerts, parades, and festivals, self-storage is probably the furthest thing from your mind, but they these things have an interesting relationship with storage facilities. After all, those floats, booths, sets, and more need to go somewhere when the event isn’t taking place. Often, the organizers rent self-storage lockers, where they keep this infrastructure for most of the year. For really big events, they may use lockers as large as 40’x40’ or even 40’x80’! The next time you visit your storage unit, think about how many costumes and more may be tucked away in the lockers around you. On a practical note for everyday citizens, festivals mean traffic. Augusta has dozens of yearly events, so it pays to know when and where they take place. If an event is between your home and your self-storage facility, and you need to get something from storage on day of the event, make sure you know how long it will take, or plan on going another day. Events that take place in Augusta include Arts in the Heart Festival, which definitely includes street closings, the Blind Willy McTell Blues Festival, and the Westabou Festival, which includes music, and art.

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