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Akron, OH: Top Things to Know About Storage

Lubabah Memon | June 24, 2016 @ 10:12 AM

Weather Extremes

The city of Akron has an overall humid climate, but it’s lucky to experience four distinct seasons.  The winters are cold and dry, and bring in a lot of rain, sleet, heavy snowfall and ice.  January is the coldest month with the average temperature regularly dropping below freezing (26 degrees).  Spring brings heavier rainfall, while summers are very hot and humid.  With the varying temperatures throughout the year, you’ll have to be careful when putting your stuff in storage.  Different temperatures affect things differently, so you’ll want to make sure you accommodate the needs of all of your belongings.

The most important thing you’ll need in a unit is climate control.  With this function, you can ensure that the humidity in the summer won’t damage delicate things like any artwork you may have stored, and the cold winters won’t affect things like wine.  You should also try to find a facility that has covered loading and unloading zones so spring showers don’t leave you drenched.  In Ohio, you’ll be able to find heated loading and unloading zones as well.  With temperature frequently dropping below freezing, it’ll be tough to get things in and out of your unit if it’s too cold for you to lift a finger.  Given the weather conditions of Akron, all of these features are important to have to ensure that you have a pleasant and positive storage experience.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Akron is short, 40-mile drive to Lake Eerie, so residents are very keen on taking their boats for a spin whenever the weather permits.  People are really big on watersportswater sports and fishing as well.  Although they can enjoy the hot summers on the water, the boats need to go into hibernation during the long, cold winters.  If you’re a boat owner and need some help with storing your boat for the winter, we can help walk you through the basics so you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to boats, it’s best to try to keep them in a climate controlled area.  However, this can get very expensive and not everyone can afford it.  Instead, shrink-wrap your boat or just make sure it is covered with a tarp to protect it from the weather.  If you’re storing outdoors, keep your boat dry and mildew-free by installing a dehumidifier or moisture absorber.

Storing your boat for the winter requires a little more than just finding a good storage facility.  You’ll have to prepare your boat for the cold.  Start by running the engine to warm it up—this way you can make sure the oil gets drained properly.  Next, flush the engine with non-toxic antifreeze and make the antifreeze circulate until it comes out of the exhaust.  Clean out the stern drive, grease all the fittings, and check fluid levels.  Add fuel stabilizer to the tank, change gear oil in the lower unit, wash the engine and then lubricate its exterior.

Once all of this is done, drain the fresh water tank and hot water heater and put non-toxic antifreeze in the water heater as well.  Lastly, pump out the holding tank and you should be good to go!  All of this might be a little overwhelming, so if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask a manager for help.


Golfing is also a major sport in Akron.  The city is home to dozens of beautiful golf courses that you canprobably get to enjoy on a regular basis.  However, like boating, golfing is mainly an activity for the spring or summer.  You may just want to store your clubs for the winter, or you might also consider storing them year-round in a facility that’s close to your favorite golf course.

To properly store your clubs, you’ll have to take some precautions to ensure that they are not damaged.  It’s best to store your clubs in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, so make sure you rent a climate controlled unit.  Don’t store them in your car’s trunk—as tempting as it is, it’s not worth it because your clubs will get scratched up while you’re driving around because they’ll keep hitting each other.  You also don’t want to keep your clubs in a hot place, and cars get hotter than the outside temperature on a very hot day.  Very high temperatures can cause the epoxy affixing the club head onto the shaft to break down after time.  Heat can also cause the glue under the grip to break down, so the grip will start to slip.

Before storing your clubs, make sure the clubs and the bag are clean and dry.  Clean the grips as well—soap and water work for all rubber grips while rubbing alcohol on a clean rag will work for synthetic grips.

Making sure the bag and clubs are dry is key because mold and mildew will grow quickly on the grips and in the bag if you don’t dry them properly.  If mold grows, you’ll pretty much have to say bye to your fancy equipment!

Because you’re storing in Akron, you’ll have to be wary about the humidity.  Humidity can lead to rust, so it’s best to put chrome cleaner on your clubs to help prevent that from happening.

Among other problems, extreme temperatures can cause steel shafted clubs to become stiffer and the shafts might also become more brittle due to interior rust oxidation.  In the winter, you’ll have other problems.  The cold weather can dry out the grips and cause them to harden and crack.  When it gets very cold, add some baby oil or Vaseline to your putters to keep them from rusting.

As you can see, temperature extremes, rust, and mold seem to be a common theme with golf clubs!  To keep your golf clubs intact and in good condition, the most important thing is for you to store them in a climate controlled unit.  If you do that and take the basic precautions to keep them clean and safe, your clubs should be ready for you to use in the spring.

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