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8 Ways to Thank Your Friends for Helping You Move

Jon Fesmire | October 10, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

Is moving alone even possible? Even if you have only smaller things, moving is a lot of work, and one or several helpers can not only make it easier, but can add a little fun.

While your helpers may enjoy your company, they deserve some serious thanks! Let’s explore some ways you can show your appreciation after the move is complete.


Either on the day of the move, or the day after, take your helpers to dinner!

Pizza and beer is a standard, and awesome, thank-you dinner for movers, but perhaps your helpers are into something else. They may prefer a steak dinner, vegetarian cuisine, or the best Mexican food in town. During dinner, toast your friendship and thank them again for all their help.

Throw a Housewarming Party

They helped you move into your new place, so have them over for a housewarming party when everything is set up! You can serve hors d'oeuvres and dinner. If your place has a pool, they may enjoy going for a swim. Make sure they know this is also a thank-you party for them.

If you invite other people to the party, consider making or buying some nice cards for your friends, or getting them small gifts, so that they stand out.

Take Them to An Event

Are all your helpers into superhero movies, or do they like a certain band? Take them to a movie you’ll all enjoy or to a concert. Maybe your friends prefer classical music. That’s great, too. Most areas have a symphony orchestra that plays concerts throughout the year.

It can be a lot of fun going to events with your friends, and grabbing a bite to eat or just talking about the experience afterward, and they’ll know that you think highly of them and appreciate their help.

Movie Night at Home

Do you have a big TV, or a projector and screen? Have your pals over for movie night at your home theater! Provide soda, make popcorn, and have other snacks available.

Picnic Outing

Plan a picnic to enjoy with your helpers at a local park, on a day when the weather is just right. If you or they have kids, the children can play, and so can you. Perhaps you can play catch, basketball, frisbee, or softball. Since you’re thanking them, provide the food. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Thank You Note

The art of letter writing seems lost today. Consider getting some quality stationery paper and composing a personal note for each helper. Be honest about your feelings and about how thankful you are that they took the time to help.

Gift Basket

Maybe you want to make or give something to show your gratitude instead. A gift box or basket might be just right. What you put in each person’s basket will entirely depend on what that friend likes, and will therefore be highly personal. You might put a book or two in their favorite genre. You may put some craft beers, or decks of cards, or custom soap, or all these things. Put five or six items that show not only that you appreciate their help, but that you know them well and want to give them something special.

Lend Your Time

They helped you move, so be available to help them when they need assistance. When one of them moves, if one needs a babysitter or pet sitter, or if one needs a place to stay for a few nights, you can be that friend who steps forward and offers assistance.

We hope you have a smooth move with your helpers! Now, you’re equipped to show them how thankful you are for their assistance once the hard lifting is done.

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