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7 Tips for Organizing Toys

Jon Fesmire | August 1, 2019 @ 9:33 AM

You manage to keep most of your home tidy, but then you take a look at your child’s bedroom and simply don’t know where to start! There are toys everywhere, perhaps with some clothes strewn about for good measure.

We can’t expect children to know how to clean and organize without being taught. So, talk to your child. Let them know that it’s time to organize their toys, and that you’re going to help. You’ll probably have to help them at first, but in time, they’ll get better at it.

Besides, if you give them some freedom in determining how their toys are organized, they’ll be more likely to keep up with it.

Clean and Declutter

You can’t organize your child’s toys until the room is clean and clear of clutter. Depending on how messy your child’s room has gotten, this can take quite a while. We have many helpful articles on cleaning and organization, but the basics are pretty simple. You’ll want to sort through the toys and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. If old toys are in gently-used condition, you can often donate them to charity.

Before you throw anything in the garbage, see if you can recycle it, first. A lot of things can be recycled as well, such as old electronics and clothes.

Got the old toys out of the way? Great! Now, you can get them organized.

Match Colors

Does your child’s room have a color scheme? Perhaps they have blue or purple blankets and a matching chair. In that case, consider using the same colors for your organization solutions. We’ll cover a bunch next, many of which may either come in desirable colors, or can be painted.

Get a Toy Chest

Toy chests are classic, and there are a variety of types at different price points. Many are specifically made for toys, and some double as seats. Other options include wooden chests and ottomans. If your child has a lot of small toys that can be put in a chest at the end of the day, this is a simple solution. It will allow you and your child to clean up their toys quickly.

Install Shelving

There are also a variety of shelving options that work well for toys. A simple shelf with separate, cube-shaped areas can work well. You can also install shelves right against the walls if you’ve got craftsman skills.

If your child has small toys with wheels they’d like to display, such as toy cars, consider making shelves with a lip at the front edge to stop the toys from rolling off the shelves.

Shelves can be painted and are generally pretty easy to modify, depending on your child’s needs.

Set Up Storage Cubbies

Closely related to shelves are storage cubbies. Some can be stacked into shelves, and others come with shelf-like racks. Many are tilted down and back to prevent toys from falling out.

These often come in a variety of colors, so you can pick what looks best in your child’s room.

Get a Bungee Cord Enclosure for Stuffed Animals

Does your child have a bunch of stuffed animals that seem to always be scattered around the room? You can keep them corralled in a stuffed animal storage zoo. You can purchase one, or even build your own. If you do the latter, you may be able to do some fun customization.

Get Shoe Organizers for Dolls and Action Figures

Hanging shoe organizers are inexpensive and a great place to keep a variety of toys in your child’s closet or hanging on the back of their bedroom door. One type of closet hanger is comprised of a series of hanging shelves. This could work stuffed animals, much like the stuffed animal zoo idea.

For dolls, action figures, and a variety of other ties, a flat hanging shoe organizer with pockets works great. Hang it on the back of the closet door or the back of your child’s bedroom door.

Each time you get something new to help the organization, whether it be the stuffed animal corral or shelving, put items away in it with your child. That way, they’ll know where things should go, and where to find specific toys when they want to play.

Transforming and organizing a child’s room is a process, but you, and your child, should be happy with the result.

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