5 Great Cities to Move to in Colorado

Jon Fesmire | November 26, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

High altitudes, microbreweries, fresh air and mountain vistas. These are all things that make Colorado an amazing place to live. You’ll find many great places to live in the Centennial State. If you’re considering a move to Colorado, here are five of our favorite cities.


Colorado has natural beauty everywhere, and you’ll get to enjoy plenty of it in Aurora. The city has more than 100 parks on 6,000 acres of land. Get outdoors and check out Morrison Nature Center and Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Aurora has a very low unemployment rate of just 2.6%. This is the home of Buckley Air Force Base (AFB), which employs roughly 2,500 civilians and an additional 2,500 contractors. Plus, Aurora is close to Denver, making it easy to commute to the city. The median household income is $60,000 per year, while the average home price is about $320,000. You can rent a two bedroom place for $1,300 or so.


Boulder is so close to the Rocky Mountains you’ll find yourself heading to them periodically for a nice hike. It’s also home to University of Colorado Boulder, so it should be no surprise that 30% of the 105,000 resident population is between 18 and 24 years old. If you’re young, this is a great place to make your start.

This is an expensive place to live, with home prices averaging $725,000 and an average rent of $1,850 per month. The median household income is $58,000, but the unemployment rate is incredibly low at 1.9%.

Manage your money well and you can have a blast living here. Arts are popular and encouraged, and you can visit galleries like the Smith Klein Gallery, Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, and the Art & Soul Gallery. If you love musical and dramatic performances, just wait for the Colorado Music Festival and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

Castle Rock

Don’t worry, this isn’t the fictional Maine town created by Stephen King—though you may have fun telling out-of-state friends that you live in Castle Rock. This small city of 54,000 residents is a short 30 miles from Denver, so commuting, or heading to the larger city to shop or spend a fun evening, is always an option.

You’ll have a great view of the mountains and plenty of greenery. If you like to golf, this place is also for you, with places like Plum Creek Golf Club and Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course.

Yes, this is a place for higher income earners, and the average household here brings in $93,000 annually. The unemployment is way down, at 2%, so you may just find a good, well-paying job in your field. Compared to that high income, the price of a house is great, averaging about $470,000. The average rent is $1,460.

If golf isn’t your thing but the outdoors are, check out Castlewood Canyon State Park. When you’re ready to go shopping but don’t want to head over to Denver, visit The Promenade or the Outlets at Castle Rock.

Colorado Springs

Sunny, green, affordable, and with a low 2.7% unemployment rate, Colorado Springs can be a wonderful place to call home. It’s one of the state’s larger cities with a population of 675,000. Chances are you’ll make a pretty good living here, considering that the median household income is $54,000. Plus, the average rent is just $1,075, and the median price for a home is $280,000.

The city has a big military presence, especially Air Force, as it’s home to Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Keep in mind that military bases often employ many civilians and contractors, so these could be great places for you to work.

For outdoor fun, visit one of the more than 150 parks, and make sure to check out the Garden of the Gods Park, with its gigantic rock formations and more. Other beautiful places to visit include Pikes Peak, the Manitou Incline, and the Broadmoor Seven Falls.


Parker is a gem of a city located 20 miles from Denver. The population is relatively low, at 52,000 people, and there’s lots to do. Of course, you’ll find lots of outdoor areas to visit, from Cherry State Creek Park to the Bluffs Regional Park Trail. Want a refreshing beer? Check out Elk Mountain Brewing, Barnett & Son Brewing Co., and others.

The unemployment rate here is just 2.2%, and the median household income is a high $102,000. The median house price is $470,500, while the average rent is $1,500.

There are many other amazing places to live in Colorado, and we hope the list of our top choices has given you a good starting point in your search.

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