5 Great Cities for Tech Workers

Jon Fesmire | September 5, 2019 @ 8:18 AM

So, you’ve got that IT degree and you’re ready to jump into the job market. Or, you’ve been working in technology for years and want a change of scenery.

The good news is that there are many tech hubs in the U.S., places where you can find a great job, get a home, and enjoy yourself during your time off. Here’s a look at five of the top cities for tech workers in the country, including some places you might not have thought of.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is a real up-and-coming city in the tech industry. Tens of thousands of IT jobs get listed every year. There are plenty of jobs to apply to, which will keep you busy, but that also means you’ve got a good shot of landing something great. If you like city living, you’ll enjoy this metropolis of 860,000 people.

Tech companies here include Sms-Thl Holdings I Inc., Carlisle Companies Incorporated, and Curtiss-Wright. You’ll also find IT jobs at some major financial companies, including Bank of America, Ally Financing, and Wells Fargo.

The average cost for a home in Charlotte is $226,000, and the average rent is $1,180. The median family income is $53,300, but for tech workers, the median salary for an individual is $88,000.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is another busy North Carolina city with a booming tech industry. The population is 465,000, and about 6 percent of residents work in technology.

There are many tech-related companies in Raleigh, but some big ones to look at include Lulu, Share File, Cree Inc., and Epic Games.

Raleigh is a little more expensive to live in than Charlotte. The average home price is $276,000. However, the average rent is a little cheaper, at about $1,160. However, you’ll also make more. The median household income is $72,600, while the median salary for an individual in the tech industry is $92,000.

Colorado Springs, CO

Next, let’s head over to Colorado Springs in the Centennial State. Here, the average home price is a little higher at $292,000, though rent is about what one would expect, averaging $1,120. And, though homes cost a little more, keep in mind that the climate is mild, with winters that don’t get too cold and summers that don’t get too hot. The 465,000 people who live here know how nice it is to have weather that doesn’t get too extreme.

The median household income is about $54,300, but the median income for individual IT employees is about $60,000 for a systems administrator, and $75,000 for a software engineer. Truly, Colorado Springs has a nice balance of income, affordability, and a great climate.

Companies to consider applying to include BombBomb, Formstack, Cherwell Software, and Altia.

San Jose, CA

California is a beautiful place to live, and many love San Jose with its blend of diverse cultures, its love of nerds and geeks, its plethora of fine dining experiences, its myriad of museums, and more. It’s the heart of Silicon Valley and a major tech city to this day. In short, it’s a big city with lots for its 1.035 million inhabitants to enjoy.

However, it is very expensive. The average price of a home is $1.02 million, and the average apartment rent is $2,700. We know. Ouch. However, the median household income is a high $83,000, while the median income for an individual working in IT and other tech jobs is $122,300.

Plus, you may find yourself working for one of the huge tech companies out there that provide awesome benefits, like PayPal, Adobe, Ebay, or Cisco.

Austin, TX

If you like biking to work, checking out live musical events, or wearing cowboy boots and hats, you’ll fit right into Austin, Texas. And if you want to work in tech, you’ll find many great companies to apply to. Tech related businesses in this city include Optimizely, Aceable, ClearDATA, and Vrbo.

This is a big city, with 951,000 people living in it, and a lot to enjoy, from hiking, to visiting the state capitol, to swimming in the huge Barton Springs Pool on hot summer days.

The average home cost is less than San Jose, while more than the other cities on this list, but still reasonable at $370,000. The average rent is comparable at $1,360. In Austin, the median family income is $55,000, while the median income for an individual IT professional is $82,300.

There you have it, some of the best cities for IT and other tech workers that the country has to offer. If you decide to search beyond our list, look for places with lots of well-paying tech jobs, great livability, and a climate you’ll enjoy. Best of luck in your search.

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